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Products that can help you have Thicker Hair.

Hey ! If you know me or if you have read my post a few weeks ago, then you know that I suffer from Trichotillomania and as a result of that I had really thin hair for a few years. However, for the past few years ,since 2013, I have been using a few hair products that have thickened and strengthened hair.  I believe that these have helped me a whole bunch and I do recommend them. Nioxin Shampoo and Conditioner I don't like that this is one of the best products that I have used to thicken my hair because Nioxin ISN'T CRUELTY FREE . On to the actual products though, the shampoo lathers up immensely once applied onto the hair, whereas the thick texture of the conditioner simply sits on your hair as a tingly sensation spreads across your head due to the nettle found in the products. Within a week of using these products, I immediately noticed the difference. My hair looked denser and it strengthened the cuticle -- this I noticed when it became harder to pull th

Owl Crate Unboxing : July 2016

Hey ! Last month I was privileged enough to be sent my very first Owl Crate, and after the excitement I felt after getting it,  unboxing it, and discovering this month's theme, my boyfriend decided to order it for me. It's a lucky thing be did because it was so popular that it sold out before I even got the money to order it myself. This month's theme is Good vs Evil, and what made me super duper excited for this is  the fact that you either get a good or  an evil box. When I found out about this, I didn't mind whether or not I got a good box or an evil box because it was clear to me that both of them would be awesome. I was right. The card that comes along with the contents of the box is really cool, displaying a fight between good and evil. When you flip over the card, it starts of by introducing what box you have. I am pleased to say that my box was *drum roll* an Evil box ! Muhahaha. So now that I know what side I am on, it's time to look at a

What's on my bookshelf?

Hey !   Today's post idea was inspired by Lauren Victoria's post about budget friendly blogpost ideas so I am going to take this opportunity to show off my lovely bookcase. I have a small bookshelf, and only half of it is actually books. On most shelves there are things that I consider to be "cute" or "useful" -- Mostly cute. Shelf 1/3 : This shelf consists mostly of my favourite books. Apart from that there is my Unicorn Money Box which I bought from New Look, My little Jasmine Figure which I got in my Owl Crate, and my Aquarius Coffee mug which my grandmother bought me a few years ago to keep at her house. Since she passed away I brought the mug ,and the only mother's day gift that I had ever given her ,  to my house. Books on this shelf : Dare to Dream : Life as One Direction One Direction : Where we are Eleanor and Park by Rainbow Rowell Fangirl by Rainbow Rowell Carry On by Rainbow Rowe

How NOT to be a jerk on the internet

Hey ! I'm Aby and IISuperwomanII , aka Lilly Singh, is my favourite youtuber. Now, a few weeks ago she posted a video called "How NOT to be a jerk on the internet." and she states at the start that she can't change the world with that video because of a number of reasons BUT we , people who watch her videos, can change a tiny portion of the world by sharing her video and emphasising the importance of the eradication of negativity on the internet.  You might want to watch her video before reading the rest of this I'll see you in 15 minutes.... Here's the link : Hey again, watched it?  Okay let's begin. Viral videos Source : Facebook I actually want to know who decides that it's better to take out their phone and fi lm something horrible happening rather than helping. The internet world has given us this illusion that we must get likes, shares, retweets, reblogs and all the o

Owl Crate Unboxing : June 2016

©  Hey ! I have been lucky enough to have been gifted an OwlCrate by my boyfriend...because I was too cheap to get it myself. (Joking. Joking) I am going to consider it as an Anniversary present.  I have been wanting to get this Subscription Box but since it must be shipped from America, I didn't find that it was worth to get it since the shipping doubled the price of the box for me. ©  ©  Let me tell you what OwlCrate is..... "OwlCrate is a monthly book subscription box that sends newly published Young Adult novels and assorted bookish goodies to your door. Each month's OwlCrate is tailored to a fun theme (past themes include MAGIC, MYTHS & LEGENDS, and DIVERSITY) and will contain one new Young Adult novel, as well as 3-5 other bookish treats to help you get your nerd on." ©  ©  This month's theme was ROYALTY, and let me tell you something : This crate was full of adorable goodness. The Crate comes with a c