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Lush Review : Big Blue Bath Bomb

Hey ! I have a love-hate relationship with this bath bomb. Let me tell you why : Pros It smells amazing ! My bath looked like what the ocean would like if it wasn't polluted (a lovely blue-green colour) Cons It is very dusty. The Seaweed. The seaweed THE SEAWEED ! I hate seaweed. When I read that it's main ingredient was seaweed I thought that the seaweed was an oil version like lavender and you could imagine my surprise when seaweed spread through the bath. I guess the fact that it actually doesn't cling to you is a plus, but you feel it if you move your leg. AND IT TOTALLY RUINED THE EXPERIENCE FOR ME! I was imagining that I was tanning by the sea, then I feel seaweed touch me. If seaweed doesn't bother than I guess you won't be bothered but if it does bother you, it ruins it. It's a shame because the aroma that the bath bomb releases is the best one that I have tried. What Lush says about this bath bom

Story Time

Hey ! Today I thought I'd share you with a story that I wrote a few years back as an English Creative Writing assignment. This was written back when I was new to creative writing and hadn't quite gotten the hang of plots and descriptions, or anything that makes a short story POP. However, as it contains creepiness at the lowest levels and with Halloween just passing, I thought it would be best to showcase it to you all. So here it is… I know it's not the best piece of literature out there but it was one of the first short stories that I had ever written and my teacher was surprised that I had handed in a good piece of work (trust me, it didn't happen often) I hope you enjoyed this short story. I would love to read any material that you lovely people have written so post any links to your stories down below. Until next time, lovelies. ~Aby Follow me on Twitter : @Hashtagaby    Follow me on Instagram : aby1997 .   Add me on Snapchat : aby

My Halloween Night

Hey! Happy Halloween, lovelies ! Okay, so technically Halloween was a few days ago and I did nothing to celebrate it. Well, technically that isn't true. I just mean that I spent the night in and relaxed. And that is what this post is about : My Halloween night. University here doesn't give us a day off for Halloween so on Halloween I had lectures until 6pm. When I got home, I was excited to just relax so I ran myself a bath using a Lush Bath bomb. I used this little fella called Monsters' Ball. He reminds me of Mike from Monster Inc…except that the Monster Ball is pink and has no arms or legs. If I am not mistaken, this is the first year that this bath bomb is being sold. This cute little monster has got lime oil and neroli oil so it's got a citrusy/zesty scent that is considerably strong. You can feel it overtaking your scent of smell. It feels amazing when you're laying there in the bath, you can feel the oils being absorbed into your skin. When d