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Summer Beauty Favourites

Hey! With Summer vacation being nearly over, I have decided to talk about my favourite summer products ! Summer is always the time that I decide to change my makeup staples. This Summer I have purchased some new products from my favourite drugstore brand Essence, and have tried my first Tanya Burr products.   Essence- I Like Long Lashes Let's start off with the packaging : it's nothing fancy, it's a basic,black, slim mascara bottle with pink letters. The brush of this is really small and so are the hairs on the wand , which makes it perfect to coat every lash. What I love about this mascara is that you can layer it a few times without it getting too clumpy, or give you a spidery effect, and also it provided length and volume without exaggerating. Also, it stays on your lashes all day ! Essence - XXXL long lasting lip gloss in Silky Red This beautiful red lipgloss is more of a lip cream to be honest. It comes in a transparent, plastic tube

Things I am tired of hearing about Trichotillomania

Hey ! A few weeks ago I had discussed ways that a person can control their urges of pulling hair by doing other things. Living with Trichotillomania is horrible when people don't see it as a psychological disorder, and I hear the same things over and over again by anyone who finds out that I pull my hair out. Today I am going to tell you some of the things that I have had enough of hearing ! "Why don't you just stop?" It is extremely hard to explain to people that I CAN'T JUST STOP. Trich is a compulsive disorder and there is no medication to reduce the impulse of pulling hair. It is worse when someone says "just stop," because I don't people realise how extremely hard it is to try to stop. If a person with Trichotillomania wants to stop then it frustrating for them when they pull hair since they feel like they can control themselves but also feel frustrated because they aren't pulling hair since pulling hair is a way o