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Niall Horan Concert & Lalalab review (inc. discount)

This was by far my favourite trip to the United Kingdom. Hello my lovelies. I am so happy that you have taken the time to look at my blog and that you are actually reading this right now. Today is going to be a mixed blog, as in I am going to narrate my experience of going to a Niall Horan concert. I am also going to review a product by Lalalab. If you have seen one of my earlier posts on this blog ( A-Z of me ), you would know that I am a huge One Direction fan. What I may have never spoken of is that Niall Horan is my favourite member of that band. In the earlier days of One Direction he was very insecure, and as an insecure girl myself I related to him and declared his cute face my favourite. As any other One Direction fan I was heartbroken with the news that they will be going on an 18 month hiatus. 3 years later they are still on hiatus; however, I am grateful for it. If it wasn't for the band to be on break, I would have never gotten the chance to meet