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Why I want to go...

Hey!   I am sure that many of us have wanderlust, especially if you have never gone outside your country. As a little girl, we used to go visit my family in the United Kingdom, but we only ever went to the same area so it got boring after a while and the thrill of going on a plane was dulled. That is when I started to research about places in Europe.    The first place I had put on my 'Travel List' was London. I went to London November 2015 and I must say that I am ready to go again. I didn't see all the places that I wanted to visit so I MUST go there again. I had been looking forward to go to London for so long that I cried every time I ticked something off my Attractions list. It was so difficult for me to see Big Ben up close, and be expected to smile to take a photograph. I literally cried. I had also wanted to go to Madame Tussauds, but since they had placed the One Direction wax figures my want to go had increased a 100% ! Needless to sa