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Movie Talk : The Last Five Years

Hey ! We all have those moments when we have tons of things to do but we find ourselves watching any movie that crosses our path. That movie of the day for me was The Last Five Years. This movie is basically the love story of Cathy and Jamie BUT IN MUSIC FORM. Like literally just music..just singing. Which I must admit did get quite annoying after like half an hour but I did watch it all. The movie shows the relationship of Cathy and Jamie from start to end...and this isn't a spoiler that he leaves her. The movie literally starts with her singing and crying. You get to see the good times and bad times between them and how and why their relationship failed. I don't know why I'm surprised that their singing involved. I mean Cathy is played by Anna Kendrick, who in the movie designs dresses, and loves to perform. Jamie is a writer who is getting his book published and he is cute. I mean, he is played by Jeremy Jordan and I had no idea who he is but as soon as I

Lush Review : Frog Prince Bath bomb

© Hey! I am back with another Lush bath bomb. I can't get enough of these wonderful Lush products. I need to head over to the Lush website soon to order new ones since my Lush supply is running out. Today's bath bomb review is about the Frog Prince Bath Bomb. This little Prince Charming has been my first Lush Kitchen Exclusive ,back in February around Valentine's Day, so I was a bit, and by a bit I mean very very, excited to get this. First of all, unlike all the other bath bombs that I've ordered online this came in a paper bag and wrapped in the cutest wrapping. Also, it came with a little polaroid-type picture. What a way to increase my excitement ! ©  ©  ©  ©  This beautiful bath bomb has a variety of butters and oils. We'll start with the Jasmine absolute which gives this bath bomb it's floral scent. We also find Neroli that adds a fruity characteristic to the bath bomb.

Baby Oil : What can it be a substitute for?

Hey ! Source : In 2016, I want to use up most of the cosmetics and beauty products before buying new ones. So I rounded all my stuff up and realised that I have like 2 bottles of baby oil which I have no idea why I bought in the first place. I went to my trusty friend --Pinterest -- and searched ways on how to use it. Now I didn't just search the internet and write this post...I tried these...AND I LOVED THE RESULTS. Shaving Cream Baby Oil is an amazing substitute for moisturising shaving cream. It allows you to shave closer to the skin and it leaves you with soft skin Make Up Remover When I discovered that baby oil can be used as a substitute for makeup remover, I heard angels sing because I never have makeup wipes around since I don't wear makeup that often.  It cleans the makeup right off your face. I recommend wiping your face with a tissue or splashing your face with water and dry it with a towel afterwards though since

Ways to control (and stop) Trichotillomania

Hey ! Trichotillomania (trich in short)...ever heard of it? It's okay if you haven't, not many people know of it. I was confused when I first heard of it but I had to learn what it is because it is something that is a part of me. defines Trichotillomania as "a disorder that causes people to pull out the hair from their scalp, eyelashes, eyebrows, pubic area, underarms, beard, chest, legs or other parts of the body, resulting in noticeable bald patches."  (Apparently isn't working anymore? So you can look up about trich on ) There isn't a specific cause of trichotillomania but personally my cause of Trich was stress. I remember trying to pull hairs from my arm at the age of 9 and at the age of 10 I moved on to pulling my hair from my head. When I was 10 my life went through a drastic change : my best friend moved to another country, my sister was born and I had important exams coming up. 9 y

Lush Review :Frozen bath bomb

Hey ! I originally got this bath bomb as a Christmas Present for my sister (Guess what her favourite movie is?) She loved watching my intergalactic bath bomb dissolve and leaving the bath a different colour with glitters and a wonderful scent, so she wanted one. This bath bomb had a strong citrus scent, and by strong I mean really strong. Just smelling it was calming so I imagine that laying in hot water with this bath bomb will be extremely calming ! Now, I am not sure if it was because the bath had less water in it but the bath bomb didn't move around the bath until the very end of its journey. This resulted in only a part of the bath having bubbles, which my sister didn't really enjoy. BUT the bath was a wonderful dark blue with glitters. I must say that it seemed to be very similar to Intergalactic (blue and glittery), and both have Grapefruit oil in them ! I can't tell what effects this bath bomb had since I am not the one who actually bathed with it, bu