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My University Make Up Kit

Hey ! When it comes to doing my make up for university, I tend to go for a natural make up look, nothing too bold or bright. I also love to use the same make up products every day so that I know that the look will look good on me. So, let me present to you my University Make Up Kit. Essence XXXL Nude lip gloss in the shade Taste The Sweets. This beautiful shade is a light pink colour that is nearly nude that leaves your lips looking natural and with a thin layer of gloss. This lip gloss is extremely suitable if you are trying to perfect a natural make up look. The lip gloss is highly pigmented and glides on your lips easily. The consistency of this is a thin and non-sticky formula that leaves the lips feeling smooth and moisturized. I must point out that this lip gloss has a faint fruity smell, and that you need to constantly reapply it as it has a weak staying power. Essence Lash Princess Volume Mascara The thing I love most about the Mascara is it's

Apps over paper.

Hey ! This is kind of a continuation of the last post. I do realise that some of you may not want to be carrying around a planner with you all day , every day, to be organisational . However, I do know that most of us carry our phones everywhere all day, every day. And let's admit it - going to the toilet has never been more entertaining. Gone are the days when we used to read the back of shampoo, conditioner or whatever bottles trying to pass the time. Or is that just me? SO *back on point* I have compiled a list of  apps that I actually do use that make my life a tad easier when I don't want to take out my planner or if my planner is out of reach. Wunderlist : Make to do lists Set Due Dates and Reminders and Assign to-dos Free on Iphone, Ipad,Android, Mac, Windows and the Web Keep  You can add notes, lists and photos, and you can sync them to all of your devices through your email account. I Iove this app because you can set a

Step 1 to a more Organised Life.

Hey ! Maybe not step 1 for you BUT it was my step 1. One of my goals for this year was to be more organised and there is nothing more organised than a planner. What you must understand is that having a planner doesn't mean having to go out (or go online) and find a great yet expensive planner. So, I am going to tell you how to make a planner with stuff you might have running around the house. First you're going to need an A5 binder. I must admit that I did buy this, but it was a long time ago and it actually wasn't for the purpose of a planner. It was so I can write my story ideas in it. ANYWAYS. Secondly : you know those copy books you used to use in school? And you used to only use half of it at school so now you have a pile of unfinished copy books? (Or is this just me?) PAPER. YOU NEED PAPER. I got most of my paper from old copy books but you can get it from wherever you like. I guess the paper depends on if you're going to totally DI