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Lush Review : 2017 Christmas Exclusives

I Have concluded that some of my bath bombs are on strike and have decided to not work properly.  Golden Slumbers Bath Bomb   Golden Slumbers is exactly what its name says that it is. It is a gold coloured bath bomb, full of lavender oil, lavender absolute, chamomile oil and neroli. This concoction will life your mood right before making you want to doze off in your nice, warm bath. The Golden Slumbers bath bomb smells amazingly natural, and the scent persists throughout the dissolving and throughout your bath. It even stays on your skin after you exit your bath. Although the lavender is quite strong, the chamomile oil adds a hint of sweetness. When this bath bomb first hits, it starts to begin to dissolve immediately. Although Golden Slumbers is meant to spread foam across the surface, my bath bomb sank to the bath and started fizzing out at the bottom of the bath. This did not affect the consistency of it dissolving. Meaning, it dissolved properly but, inst

Rewatching films for a different perspective

Re-watching movies as an adult changes your perspective than when you watch the movies as a child. As part of my Nothing-Is-Going-To-Get-Me-Out-Of-My-Bed Day, I ended up watching a bunch of films that I had watched when I was younger and a lot less wiser. Re-watching these films made me realise messages in them that I had never noticed before as a child. Hairspray Credit to IMBD Fat Shaming is present when Tracy goes to audition to be on The Corny Collins show. As soon as Velma sees her, she is disgusted by the sight of her. When singing to Tracy, the girls on the show say “The show isn’t broadcast in cinemascope.” The problem of fat shaming is also portrayed when Tracy’s mother tells her husband that “TV people don’t pick people like Tracy,” whilst showing with her hands that she means that TV people don’t pick girls who are considered fat. When talking about Tracy possibly being Miss Teenage Hairspray, Amber whispers “You have to vote for a person, Corny, n

2017 Completed

Goodbye, 2017. This year was probably one of the best years of my life. I am not joking. I have been through a lot of good things this year. I went out and got what I wanted. I have had a few boy related downs that I do not regret one bit. How can you regret a lesson? As part of my personal growth, I have reached a few minor achievements that sent me over the moon. I managed to open a bottle of wine.This might be a simple task for many people, but for some reason I was always defeated by a bottle and its cork. But this year, I have successfully opened a bottle of wine. In fact, I did it multiple times. Unfortunately these occasions were for other people, and not opening wine for me. That's the waitress life.  This girl sat with a plate full of sushi in front of her, and refused to eat it unless she could hold and lift it with chopsticks. My sushi went cold, but I succeeded.  I have always lived a sheltered life where I always have someone, to some extent, taking c