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3 main ingredient Recipe : Chicken stuffed with Mozzarella wrapped in Parma ham

Hey ! Source : Pinterest If you know me or follow me on social media, then you would know that I LOVE One Direction, and have been loving them since 2012.  I've watched probably like 75% of their interviews ,and in one of their earlier interviews, Louis Tomlinson said that the first meal he even cooked was chicken stuffed with cheese wrapped in parma ham. I have been meaning to do it but I was too lazy to do it. But today, I shall be making it. And here's how.... You will need : Chicken Breast (not the breaded kind) Parma Ham slices Mozzarella You might want to add : Salt and Pepper (optional) Herbs ( of your choice) Cherry Tomatoes (to put with the mozzarella) Mash potato ( optional for the side) Now that you have all of your ingredients, this is how to do it : Preheat oven  200ºC/400ºF/gas 6 You need to butterfly the chicken by cutting into it half way lengthwise. Next place the mozzarella into the chicken -adding cherry tomato

Simple things you can do to make your period less dreadful.

Hey ! This morning I woke up with a visit from my monthly friend so I thought that I'd talk about it. I am going to assume that most of my readers are female, but if you aren't a female who suffers menstrual cycles then I suggest skipping this post... Or read it to help your partner. This post is mainly directed who , like me, suffer from heavy flows which cause a lot of cramps. I will be explaining 5 tips that help me reduce the cramps but please feel free to let me know if you do other things to make your cramps lessen in pain. I did a little research to find out why some females have strong period pains and some of us don't even have period pains at all.  SO cramps are the evil doing of Prostaglandins, which basically are a chemical that make the muscles of the uterus contract to help in the blood flow out during your period. So if you have a heavy flow more Prostaglandins need to be released, which means more contractions so more cramps and pain. Sour

March :The month of Lip Balm use

Hey ! Do not ask me why but my lips have been drying up and cracking all the way through the month of March. I'm not one to have dry and cracked lips so for me this was a huge issue ! Even though I don't suffer from dry and cracked lips most of the time, I still had some lip balms running around, and I have been using them A LOT this month.  T he following Lip balms aren't the only lip balms that I own but these are the ones that are Cruelty-Free Essence Glossy Lip Balm – Cherry Brownie Number one on our list today is this yummy Cherry Brownie lip balm, which smells so good. This lip balm comes in a transparent, squeezable plastic tube which is the perfect size to carry it around with you since it is tiny. The actual product itself is a tinted lip balm (duh) which is thick, and really creamy so it is easy to apply on your dry lips. It actually does moisturize your lips for a long time so you won't need to reapply every 2 seconds. This product is really c