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Owl Crate Unboxing : August 2016

Hey ! It’s that wonderful time of month again when the postman comes bearing a beautiful owlcrate box. This month's theme is Fast Times at YA High. So basically it held items from YA books that occurred in High School.  I had to get this box ever since I found out that it will have an Eleanor and Park inspired piece of jewelry, and as you all should know by now.. I LOVE ELEANOR AND PARK. So I am going to ignore the order on the Spoiler Card and start with the necklace inspired by Eleanor and Park SINCE IT IS THE SOLE REASON THAT I GOT THIS BOX. The necklace was created by OwlCrate and comes in the cutest blue bag. It is basically a small circular pendant with the photo from the book cover in a glass dome, and it also has a small metallic cassette tape. What I love about this necklace is that it has got a long chain. Now that that is out the way I shall now resume with the order on the Spoiler Card or I'll get overwhelmed by all the goodies ! OwlCra

A-Z of Me

Hey ! I have realised that apart from my About Me page, which doesn’t say much, and little facts that I slipped in in posts I haven't actually told you much about me. So, today I have decided to write a A-Z of me, which has been inspired by AnotherRantingReader. A - Abygayle. My name. Fun Fact : As a child, all invitations addressed to me included my name being misspelt, and it didn't matter how many times I told the children in my classes that it is Aby-gay-le they always forgot the second Y. Or, they would write it the common way 'Abigail'. B- Bibliophile Oh,books ! What would I do without your wonderful characters and your amazing worlds? Nothing ! I would do nothing and feel empty all the time ! C- Creative Writing Apart from reading, this is what I love to do the most ! Fun Fact : My first story was about two siblings who murdered their father because he was like a tyrant in their home….and I was 14 when I wrote it. D- DeadP

3 Main Ingredient Recipe : Nutella Brownies

Hey ! I am sure when I say that we all get Nutella cravings some times  (if you love Chocolate, that is) but for some reason parents think that it is  "unacceptable" to eat Nutella out of the jar. *rolls eyes* Never fear though, I have found the easiest Nutella Brownies recipe ever !!!! And if you have found an easier one, please let me now. Now this recipe is not only easy but it is also quick and have minimal labour outcome (which makes it favorable when you have the cravings and you just want to eat Nutella asap!) For this recipe you will need 1 Cup of Nutella. 2 Eggs 1/2 a cup of plain Flour. Simple ingredients which you will most likely find somewhere in the kitchen. Now on to the method : Preheat oven to 175 degrees Celcius. Whisk the Nutella and eggs in a large bowl until smooth. If you are doing this step with a manual whisk , and not an electrical one, I suggest that you melt the nutella in the microwave