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Lush Review : Yoga Bath Bomb

Hey ! Do you know what this bath bomb taught me? To never judge a bath bomb by it's exterior. This bath bomb is basically a plain orange sphere when dry, but once it touches the water it is a spectacular bath bomb to watch. At first  the only thing that you can see ,as the bath bomb reacts to the water, is a thick orange foam that looks like ice-cream. as it dissolves slowly releasing a small trails of bubbles and streaks of colour. This bath bomb takes a few minutes to dissolve and it is wonderful to stare at.  My favourite part of this bath bomb is the light purple colour that emits from it as it nears its end. This bath bomb  contains glitters ! SO the end result would be a kind of rusty orange colour with a lot of sparkles ! From the ingredients that make up this bath bomb it is easy to recognise that the purpose of this bath bomb is to provide a relaxing experience. The way the colours are not bright but light also gives the illusion of a relax

Top 7 Songs that I listen to when i'm feeling down !

Hey ! You know how on Facebook there's the On This Day app? Well, I check it every day, just to see how silly I was when I was younger,  and I noticed that I was really sad. I mean, I knew that from the ages of 11-17 I was really sad about my existence and life, and felt really insecure. I swear every little thing back then seemed like the world was ending. HOWEVER, a little thing that I used to do back then that I don't do know is that I used to listen to sad songs if I'm upset and that just made me sadder...and made me post sad posts on FaceBook which I delete as soon as I see them now Tip : If you are feeling sad for some reason, find a song that will boost your mood about whatever is bringing you down? Break-up? Listen to a Taylor Swift album; you'll get sadness and anger out. The list of songs that I will be telling you about are more about feeling insecure, feeling not good enough when doing something, or you are going through a tough time. It wi

Deaths that I can't get over : TV Series version.

Hey ! If you know me, then you will know that I love to watch TV series. I mean for the past few months I have stopped watching all of my ongoing shows because of University BUT I usually watch a lot of shows. Shows like The Vampire Diaries; The Originals; Glee; Jane the Virgin; Young and Hungry; Angel I have finally finished; Pretty Little Liars which I have actually permanently stopped ; Orange is the new Black;  F.R.I.E.N.D.S that I have finally watched ; and The 100 The only show that I am watching and keeping up to date with is ShadowHunters and in the months that they were filming I started to watch Buffy the Vampire Slayer. I have finished all of the seasons and it inspired this post : Deaths that I can't get over. Before I begin listing them down, if you are currently watching any of these series do not continue reading on: Buffy the Vampire Slayer Angel The 100 The Vampire Diaries **SPOILERS AHEAD** Buffy the Vampire Slayer : Tara Now I

Completed 2016 Goals

Hey! 2016 is over. I can't believe it. The past two years have been so eventful and I feel like I can't keep up with them. I still have to register some things in my mind ! 2016 , as every year, had it's ups and it's down. Although this year was mostly ups, it's been hard to celebrate them since they all happened after my Grandmother passed away. I just wish I was able to go to her house and celebrate everything with her like I always did. As I do every year, I write down a list of goals that I want to achieve by the end of the year. Trust me when I say that I thought I would get none of them done but I have managed to do quite a few of them. Grow my hair out to shoulder length I am so happy that I have managed go do this!  My urges to pull my hair out have lessened, and although I've had a few stressful months I am so happy about how many days I have managed to go without pulling a single hair! Left : December 24th 2015 Right : December 25t