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Unboxing : Owl Crate September 2018

My problem is if I see the words Harry Potter then I buy the box. Welcome back to ANOTHER Owl Crate unboxing. I really hope you're not getting bored of these unboxing blogs because I have at least one more coming up  The theme for the September box was Masters of Disguise (Oooo). As soon as I read that the box will include items from Harry Potter and Six of Crows I knew I had to get it. Before I comment on the actual items in this box, I want to take a moment to appreciate the illustration on the Spoiler card, and pin. I think it is so beautiful in the simplest form. The setting of the masked ball is so appropriate to the theme.  I mean, how many times have we seen films where a simple mask suddenly makes everyone not realise who the person is? Too many times. The disguises used in Harry Potter are actually a tad more complicated than that. As we know (unless you've never watched Harry Potter) , the Marauders are the masters of disguise in Harry Potter due

Unboxing : Owl Crate May 2018

I am going to be very honest with you - I was not totally impressed with this box. In May of 2018, Owl Crate released a crate themed Fight Like A girl. Items in this crate were included in order to show that you have to be careful when you say "You fight like a girl" because you may end up battling Inej Ghafa and trust me when I say that that isn't going to end well. Speaking of Inej, a print of her is included in this box. The illustration of her is near perfect (I never imagined Inej with a crooked nose). However, from the dark clouds behind her, that represent Ketterdam to the crouched position that symbolises that she is Kaz's Spider that is an excellent spy, all the elements in this print are perfect. Out of Print have teamed up with Owl Crate to bring to life an enamel pin inspired by Hermione Granger. The pin is only small but I think that it will stand out amongst other pins due to its gold outline and detail. This item is one of those