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Review : Momentary Ink Tattoo

Hey ! THIS WAS THE SUMMER OF TATTOOS! A few weeks ago, I posted a review of me using Inkbox Tattoos . This week I shall be reviewing a tattoo from Momentary Ink Tattoos ! Momentary Ink Tattoos is a company that sells temporary tattoos. Their quote is "The Look of a real tattoo, the life of a temporary one." It offers a range of tattoos from quotes to art, and also, it offers an option to create your own custom tattoo. Momentary Tattoos are quite different from the Inkbox Tattoos that I reviewed. First of all, these tattoo do not sink into the first layer of your skin. These remind me of those tattoos we used to get when we were kids with gum : the ones were you put them on the skin and cover them with a damp cloth. The only difference is that these are quite pricey and they look cooler. You can also customise the size of the tattoo, and the price varies according to your preferred size. I got the design Fly With Me which is a Peter Pan inspired tat

Lush Review : Lava Lamp Bath Bomb

Hey ! It has been a while since I posted a Lush review but here I am, back to spending my salary on a Lush Haul. Today, I want to talk about this orange ball of amazing-ness : The Lava Lamp Bath Bomb. Now, I'm going to be real with you I love this bath bomb because orange and purple are my two top favourite colours so I was very excited when picking this up in the Lush store. This orange sphere has 3 purple spots which are actually bath melts ! Basically, this lovely bath bomb is loaded with nutrients for your skin. Lava Lamp is made from a mixture of citrus oils including tangerine oil, mandarin oils and orange flower absolute. This concoction gives Lava Lamp a highly fruity scent which is super refreshing. This bath bomb dissolves rather quickly as it shoots out rays of orange across your water and turning the bath water....wait for it.....ORANGE ! A beautiful bright orange which gets stained with streams of purple oil from the 3 purple spots. As these 3

Things I am tired of hearing about Long Distance Relationships

Hey ! If you have read my A-Z of me blog post then you will know that I have been in a long distance relationship for 3 years. Being in a long distance relationship is one of the difficult things in my life at the moment but I fight through it since I know that in a few years it will be worth it. However, people around me love being negative about long distance relationships. So without further ado, I present to you Things that I am tired of hearing about being in a long distance relationship. "You are basically single 85% of the year." I don't think people realize that being in a relationship isn’t all about being in physical contact with them. Having that lack of physical contact makes us more open to talk about our feelings and conflicts. "How do you know that he isn't cheating on you?" I hate this one so much because people could be living together and they could be cheating on each other. The truth is I don't know if he&#

Scents in my air.

Hey ! As you know, with different seasons you would want a fitting scent in your room.  Over the past few months, I have been trying out different candles and wax melts, and I loved them all so much that I am going to talk about them now. Pink Grapefruit Wax Melt. UNICORN KING HAS PROVIDED ME WITH THE YUMMY FRUIT SCENT THAT I SHALL USE EVERY SUMMER. Yes, I said Unicorn King. No, you cannot comment saying "There is no such thing as a Unicorn King." This beautiful wax melt smells delicious. It smells yummy. Yes, I know that they mean the same thing. Please don't point it out. It's just a really good scent and it reminds me of summer. Like, you know in the summer everyone is drinking Slushies, or whatever they call them wherever you're from, and they smell really fruity? That is what this smells like, which I guess makes sense since Grapefruit is a fruit....I am not doing well with this review. Let's start this again. *deep breath* This w

Ever miss your self?

Hey! I am sure that many of you relate when I say that I spend an enormous amount of time on Pinterest, and on one fine night I came across this quote *look at photo below* and it got me thinking about my first relationship and what I was like before…. Natalee M.C. // (via @these-teen-heartaches) The truth is I don't miss how I was before we broke up. I had the most cliché idea about relationships that I got from films and books, and I needed the kick of our breakup to make me realize that relationships are nothing like that. I mean, I knew they weren't like that but I still acted with that mentality. Another thing that was a good result of my relationship was the fact that I fought my Trichotillomania harder than I ever did before because the guy I was with hated my short hair. So for some reason, it was easier to fight the urges after the break-up. It made me want to make him see what he missed out on. I feel so much more confident now that I have suc