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What I want...

Hey! You'll be surprised how your brain decides to choose that in the middle of an important exam it wants you to know what you want in a relationship. Here is what my brain let me know…. I want someone who can handle my anxiety. I want someone who doesn't let me get away with pulling my hair. I want someone who takes NO for an answer the first time I say it. I want someone who accepts my No and doesn't try again. I want someone who accepts that I need time to adjust t having them in my life, and accept that it may take a while for me to get comfortable. I want someone who accepts that I can't trust him or her immediately. I want someone that doesn't say 'I'm not like the others' because most often they are going to be just like the others. Telling me that you're not like the others prepares me for heart break. I want someone who proves to me that they're not like the others. I want someone not to break up with me via text mess

2017 Summer Reading List

It's that time of year again when Uni is out and I have enough free time on my hands to do some reading. On a recent trip to London, I ended up buying eleven books ! Most of the books on this year's summer reading list have been picked up from Waterstones and WHSmith. But the first book on my list is MY LADY JANE which I got in an Owl Crate last year. This book seems different from the other Young Adult books that I am used to reading so I am excited to read it. Am I Normal Yet? This book is one of the books that I was on a mission to find. It is the first book of the Spinster Club series by Holly Bourne, but it is the one that I haven't read yet. I have read the other two books in the series, and I love them. Recommend to anyone who is a Feminist. And A Happy New Year? This is like a Spinster Club Special so I had to get my hands on it ! I love Evie, Amber and Lottie so I needed a little extra of their presence in my life. Girl heart

What have I used up so far?

Hey ! I can't believe that it is July already ! During this year, I have used up a handful of products that I thought I'd share with you all.  1. A) I love... Raspberry & Blackberry bubble bath and shower cream &              B)  I love...Coconut & Cream bubble bath and shower cream.   This smelt the bottle. I mean you can smell it when you're rubbing it all over your body BUT the scent doesn't stick with you (And I love when the scents stick with me after the shower)   Also...Bubble does not make many bubbles...It lathers up quite well in the shower BUT I would not consider it a bubble bath. I must admit that it was cheap but I guess it is reasonably priced considering it's quality.   Both of these were not a thick consistency but also not a liquid-y consistency. Thin enough to allow you to use it easily without straining to get it out of the bottle and rub it on your body, but also