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Rant : Internet = Lazy?

Hey !   The internet has become an essential thing to have. In Malta, most government applications are now online and most schools require their students to have an internet connection in order to access material taught in class. So, why is it that when people see you on a laptop they assume that you are wasting time?   Let me start this post by telling you how I was inspired to write this post. My sister was on video chat to my father and she flipped the camera so that I was in view. When he saw me on the laptop he said in a disapproving voice , "Always on that laptop,isn't she?"    At that time I was reading up on my classes this semester which isn't that lazy, right? . It is so hard for people to realize that a person being on their laptop doesn't mean that they are wasting their time. I mean, I have no wifi at home so when I do get an internet connection I am checking emails, checking the University websites to get my lecture not

Simple Recipe : Pancake Muffins

Hey !   Do you ever have pancake cravings during the day? Do you not fulfill your cravings because pancakes are mostly eaten at breakfast? Well, I have good news to you. I would like to present….* drum roll* Pancake Muffins. Yes, your beloved breakfast can now be eaten as a snack!   That sounded so much like a commercial. I love it. Haha !    Let's start this again.   Hey lovelies, I am not sure where I had originally found this recipe but it was in my orange binder so I decided to try it out. It's such a simple recipe that it is worth trying.    For this recipe you will need :   Pancake mix (and whatever ingredients needed in order to make it)   Chocolate, raisins, nuts…anything that you would like to put in your pancake muffins to give them some  flavour .   Muffin Cases.   And this is what you need to do :   Mix together instant pancake mix. Or you can easily make your own batter by following thes

Review : Yes To Products

Hey!   Every person has a few staple products that are a must in their toiletries basket in the bathroom ! These products are chosen by the individual after trying out many products which haven't quite satisfied them. Today I will be talking about 3 products that have just been made Staple in my toiletries. They are all from the same brand since I have tried looking for a cruelty free alternative this time as all my other products have run out.     Yes to Blueberries Smoothing Daily Cleanser.   The first thing that you should know about this is that it is an oil based product, but it works well for oily skin. I mean, I have oily skin and this product works wonders. This Cleanser has a creamy texture that makes it easier for you to apply it on your skin, and that leaves you feeling refreshed afterwards. This product not only cleanses your face but also moisturizes your face. A big bonus is that t his cleanser smells totally delicious , and it is tot