Book review : Carry On by Rainbow Rowell

Give me the homosexual stories! (I am not weird, okay? I just love stories between same-sex individuals) Ok, Maybe I am weird.

Carry on is a magical novel written by Rainbow Rowell. Carry On narrates the story of Simon and Baz, and their friends; characters originally found in Rowell's novel 'Fangirl'. Each chapter is in a different character's point of view,  narrating in the first person. If you've read Fangirl then you would know that there are 2 mentioned couples; one in the original Gemma T. Leslie - Simon Snow series and the second couple stems from the imagination of Cath and portrayed in her fanfiction.

A debate that I have come across is that Carry On has multiple aspects from Harry Potter, and although I used to disagree upon reading it again, I have to agree that many things are similar to the Harry Potter series. However, although the core element of certain characters seem to be as in Harry Potter, (e.g The Mage and Simon's relationship and Harry and …

Christmas Wish List 2017

Christmas wish lists are something that should be started  at the beginning of each year.

Hands up if you spend the whole year wanting something, then forgetting every single thing when people ask you "What do you want for Christmas?" Don't worry, you're not alone. It happens to all of us. This year I have planned my Christmas Wish List from the day one of 2017 by saving all of the links of products that had caught my attention. Many things that I had saved, I have bought for myself. Other things are still waiting to be added to the cart.

Holly Bourne Book : It Only Happens In The Movies This year I have fallen in love with the writing of Holly Bourne. After reading her trilogy of Evie, Amber and Lottie, I was delighted that she has a new book released. I know that it will be filled with witty characters and laughter and a whole lot of feels.

Niall Horan 'Flicker' Do I need to explain this one? I ALWAYS will support bae. "See you in March ,bae!"


Top Moments of Beauty and the Beast

Hey !
I do believe that a big part of 2017 was the release of the live adaptation of Beauty and the Beast. Even though I was hyped about it, I had a little voice in my head saying "How different can it be from the original?" Well then, I was shaken to the core when I went to see this film...not once but TWICE ! I went two days in a row. SO, now that I'm positive that whoever wanted to watch the film has finally watched it, I am ready to post this without the guilt of spoilers.
If you haven't watched the film yet, I encourage you to click the X on the upper right corner of your screen. However, do come back later !

1) The curse is broken
I walked into the cinema theatre to watch Beauty and the Beast without knowing any of the cast apart from Emma Watson, Jake Foe, and (Gaston), so imagine my surprise when I see Emma Thomson, Ewan McGregor, Ian McEwan, Stanley Tucci ….i was like 'OMG. OMG. OMG'
2) LaFou and Mrs. Potts
You have no idea how excited I was when LaFo…

Madame Ladybug Period Subscription box : September 2017

There was a lot of hassle to get this box !

We all need a little comfort when we are on our period, so I thought that it would be a brilliant idea to get myself a Madame Ladybug Period Subscription box. I chose the ultimate box, and I got a one-time purchase time. It cost me 29 euro, but then I had to pay another 8 euro because of tax on toiletries coming from the USA. I had a little issue getting this box because I ordered it in August, and it arrived in November. However, that was partly my fault because I didn't realise that they were not sending boxing due to personal issues. I must admit that I panicked though because I couldn't reach them on any social media.
Once the package arrived, I felt ecstatic! I immediately opened it and found white and red tissue paper, and once removed there were three patterned and colourful plastic bags. In one bag there were the products to use on your period (pads, tampons, wipes), in another bag there was a lot of comfort food and some te…

Book Review : The Savage Song

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The Savage Song by Victoria E. Schwab is the first book from a duology, and a beautifully written Fantasy book based in a world not too different from ours. In fact it is our world but when monsters start to roam the planet freely and not remain in hiding like in other stories. Everyone in Verity is aware of the existence of monsters and it is their fault if they are attacked while walking in dark places. The story we read occurs twelve years after an event called The Phenomenon in V-City.

When I posted a photo of this book on Instagram, I captioned it "The human wishes to act like a monster; The monster wishes to act human..."
I think that this caption summarizes our two main characters : Kate and August. Kate Harker is the daughter of Callum Harker, the most powerful man in the city. August Flynn is the son of Henry Flynn, Harker's enemy. Both of their fathers are 'leaders' of different parts of Verity : Callum Harker leads the North Side of Verity, while…

Owl Crate Unboxing : October 2017

OwlCrate October 2017 unboxing
It has been over a year since my last owlcrate unboxing.

Since it has been a while since I last got an Owlcrate, I was extremely excited when I had gotten home and found it on my bed.
This month's theme was , and I got it ordered because I thought the theme sounded interested. However, I also got it because I lost my mind over the fact that there was going to be a Harry Potter inspired item in the box.
Okay , getting into the blog. *grabs spoiler card* Let me tell you what Owlcrate had in store for October.
First item on the list is a delicious smelling candle from In The Wick of Time. It is inspired by The Raven Cycle forest Cabeswater, and it smells of moss and peppermint. It is important to note that the peppermint overpowers the moss but the moss is still pretty distinguishable.

A very surprising item for me in this box is the tea blend. I was not expecting it at all. However, I am sure that I will enjoy it because it supposedly tastes just like…

Review : Momentary Ink Tattoo

Hey !
A few weeks ago, I posted a review of me using Inkbox Tattoos. This week I shall be reviewing a tattoo from Momentary Ink Tattoos !

Momentary Ink Tattoos is a company that sells temporary tattoos. Their quote is "The Look of a real tattoo, the life of a temporary one." It offers a range of tattoos from quotes to art, and also, it offers an option to create your own custom tattoo.
Momentary Tattoos are quite different from the Inkbox Tattoos that I reviewed. First of all, these tattoo do not sink into the first layer of your skin. These remind me of those tattoos we used to get when we were kids with gum : the ones were you put them on the skin and cover them with a damp cloth. The only difference is that these are quite pricey and they look cooler. You can also customise the size of the tattoo, and the price varies according to your preferred size.

I got the design Fly With Me which is a Peter Pan inspired tattoo,  that I have actually …