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Lush Review : Valentine's Day Range 2017

Hey !
Valentine's Day is the day of love...(bla bla bla) Nothing more important than Self Love and Self Care, and what's better than having a bath in Lush products to take care of yourself? I know that it is March, and that these products are now out-of-stock but I have finally managed to try out these products.

Over and Over Bath Bomb A few weeks ago I posted a review about the Yoga bath bomb and said that it taught me not to judge a bath bomb by it's exterior. Once again, I was deceived by the exterior of these magical spheres when I put the Over and Over Bath Bomb into the water.

Over and Over bath bomb is a half yellow half orange bath bomb with the orange part having a bath melt texture.
This bath bomb consists mainly of Lime oil and Fennel, but it is hard to miss the overwhelming citrusy scent which reminds you of a spring day walking through an Orchard full of lemon/lime trees. However, the fennel seed compliments it in a way as if you are walking barefoot on fresh gra…

Lush Christmas Range 2016

Hey !
I know that it's March but better late than never, right? Today I am going to talk about three products that I have tried from the 2016 Christmas Range.

Shoot for the stars

It frustrates me that I will be talking about this wonderful bath bomb and you can't even get it in store. The bath bomb is Shoot For The Stars, and although I am hoping that it will be a part of the 2017 Christmas Range, I am worried that they will either change it again or go back to their original Shoot for the Stars bath bomb that was released a few years ago.
This gorgeous bath bomb is a deep shade of blue with three go