Lush Review : Valentine's Day Range 2017

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Valentine's Day is the day of love...(bla bla bla) Nothing more important than Self Love and Self Care, and what's better than having a bath in Lush products to take care of yourself? I know that it is March, and that these products are now out-of-stock but I have finally managed to try out these products.

Over and Over Bath Bomb

A few weeks ago I posted a review about the Yoga bath bomb and said that it taught me not to judge a bath bomb by it's exterior. Once again, I was deceived by the exterior of these magical spheres when I put the Over and Over Bath Bomb into the water. 

Over and Over bath bomb is a half yellow half orange bath bomb with the orange part having a bath melt texture. 

This bath bomb consists mainly of Lime oil and Fennel, but it is hard to miss the overwhelming citrusy scent which reminds you of a spring day walking through an Orchard full of lemon/lime trees. However, the fennel seed compliments it in a way as if you are walking barefoot on fresh grass in the orchard. 

Once placed in the water a large amount of yellow froth forms on the surface of the water ,and this is immediately followed by streams of a vibrant pink that start slowly making an appearance before spinning out of control and creating the most beautiful bath art I have seen in a while. The end result is orange bath water as bright as my bed room walls ( and they are really bright) 

Lovestruck Bubble Bar

Lovestruck bubble bar is a cute product that resembles the heart eye emoji that everyone has grown to love in the world of technology. The unique smell of the Lovestruck bubble bar is the result of the combination of lemon oil, geranium oil and petitgrain oil. Lemon oil is used for uplifting and cleansing; the geranium oil is toning and balancing; and the Geranium oil is meant for refreshing and uplifting. The Geranium Oil also gives off a sweet fragrance !  The combination of the ingredients in this bubble bar create a sweet, fruity smell that is strong on the senses. 
I only used half the bubble bar but the fragrance was strong as I crumbled the bar under the water. I know that it's called a bubble bar but i was surprised with how many bubbles the tiny bit that I used created.  

There were two things that I didn't like in regards to this product.  
One is the fact that the back of it looked very lumpy. I assume they use half a bath bomb mould to make this but if that's the case, I think they should have been more careful. 

Two is the shade of orange that the yellow and pink components turn the bath water into. (I'm sorry, Lush, but work on it) 
Other than that this bubble bar was a wander to bathe in! I'd give it a 3 out 5 star rating. 


 Two Hearts Beating as One bath melt

Two hearts beating as one is a lovely bath melt that is made out of two hearts (who would have guessed it) put together. Each heart is a different shade : one is bright  pink , the other is a shade of coral. The sweet floral fragrance held by this bath melt is due to the ylang ylang, apricot and rose oils that are used to make it. In my opinion, the apricot oil is the most noticeable when you inhale the scent of this Lush product, and even after you are out the bath and dry you can still faintly smell that apricot scent. 

I have yet only used the pink part of this bath melt, which took a while to melt so it is definitely a slow melter. As it melts, you can see your bath water turning from transparent to a light pink, and then from the light pink to an extremely bright pink. Although this bath melt is packed with oil you don't feel greasy in the water as they dissolve in the water; making the water free from oil residue on the surface. In fact, you can feel the oil settling on your skin to make it feel soft and moisturized.  
I really enjoyed the bath melt and I feel so bad that I don't have any stocked up. If they are released next year, I would definitely stock up as I adored the scent, and also I loved watching it travel around the water creating a trail of pink as it dissolved.  

I also had purchased a Unicorn Horn Bubble bar and Roseshell bath bomb which I have already reviewed in previous posts.

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Until next time, lovelies. 


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