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Things that I regret now.

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Let's start by stating the obvious : We are humans and we make mistakes. Some mistakes we forgive ourselves for and learn from them, others we'd wish we could go back in time to change what we did. Today I am going to mention three things that I regret that I wish I could change.

French At Secondary School we were given the option to choose between Italian, French, Spanish and German to be the foreign language we learn. I chose French because all the other kids in my class in Year 6 did so I did the same hoping that I'd end up in a class with them when we started the new school ( I didn't) I don't regret choosing French (duhh) because it is a beautiful language. What I do regret is not paying that much attention in class, besides the Culture (I loved French Culture), and I regret not taking my assignments more seriously.
Top Tip : If you're trying to learn a new language, don't use a translator when doing an essay because you will learn nothing. :)

First time going abroad without adult supervision

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This year I stepped out of my comfort zone BIG TIME. I went abroad without adult supervision. I went to London with my best friend from University, and we were alone so I was the eldest from the both of us. So technically I was the adult. I was so nervous, but to be honest, it was easier than I thought it was going to be.

I just wanted to talk about a few things that I learn whilst I was abroad.
I was the adult. As soon as we went through the gates, Becca misplaced her passport which she didn't notice until we heard her name being blurted out on the speaker. Silly girl left it at the counter at Costa. From that point onwards, I had the responsibility of holding any important document : passports, boarding passes, Little Mix tickets, oyster cards.
2) My dislike for ticket touts increased by 1000 percent.
    Let me tell you why. Whilst Becca and I were sat outside waiting very [im]patiently for the gates to open so we can see Little Mix. This cutest little princess walked up …

Review : Inkbox Tattoo

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Before we begin I want to take you back to 2012. January 6th 2012 was the day I discovered One Direction. The reason I am telling you this is because the boys of One Direction have a small number of tattoos. One of them happens to be on Louis Tomlinson's skin, which I had sworn to get inked into my skin. But as I grew older (and a tad wiser) I realized that I shouldn't get it as it looks rather childish.
Now, as I was curiously browsing through Inkbox's selection of temporary tattoos I spotted a tattoo similar to that of Louis's so ,obviously, I got it. I, also, got a Raven tattoo from their The Mummy Collection for my friend. is my review of the Inkbox Temporary Tattoo "Papel". In other words, a paper airplane.

This little beauty cost me $21 USD without postage and delivery, and since it's outside the EU I had to pay about 9euro to the deliveryman for VAT. The box it comes in is black with this really cool design on the side of the box, …

Types of Customers

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For the past few months I have had the 'honour' of working at a restaurant by the sea. It is beautiful on Sunny days, and I can't wait for Summer to come around so that every day is a beautiful working day by the sea. I love (most) of the people that I work with as they are all foreigners, and I feel that I get along well with them. HOWEVER, there are some people that I do not get on well with, and these are usually customers.
As you read this post about different kinds of the worst customers, I want you to remember that I am not exaggerating and that these people actually exist and I have encountered them on multiple occasions.

1) Customers who always complain.

Review: Lottie London Soap Star

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I am going to admit my biggest beauty sin right now, and I would appreciate no judgement from all you beauty lovers out there. Up until a fewweeks ago, I had never cleaned my make up brushes. I know, gasp worthy right? My brushes were becoming very messy…the foundation brushes were goopy and the eyeshadow brushes had so much colour on them that they were black. So, I thought it would (finally) be the time for me to invest in a brush cleanser…and that ladies and gentlemen is how I bought the Lottie London Soap star that I am going to review for you today.

Let me start by talking about the absolutely adorable packing that this product comes in; it is a white, small plastic container with a black and white striped screw on lid that has a pink star on it with the name of the brush cleanser. Once you open the tub, you will see a round piece of soap with a rough layer of sponge underneath it that it meant to keep the soap in place while you are cleaning your brushes. 

The Lottie London S…