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For the past few months I have had the 'honour' of working at a restaurant by the sea. It is beautiful on Sunny days, and I can't wait for Summer to come around so that every day is a beautiful working day by the sea. I love (most) of the people that I work with as they are all foreigners, and I feel that I get along well with them. HOWEVER, there are some people that I do not get on well with, and these are usually customers. 

As you read this post about different kinds of the worst customers, I want you to remember that I am not exaggerating and that these people actually exist and I have encountered them on multiple occasions. 

  1. 1) Customers who always complain. 

And I do not mean complain because they have a right to complain. I mean that these people go to the corners of the planet just to find something to complain about.  
As an example I am going to use a customer who comes in every Saturday night with her husband, and her two year old son. 

She ordered a small Spaghetti Bolognese because she wasn't very hungry and didn't feel like eating much…she complained that the portion was too small for her liking. 

She ordered a half rack of bbq ribs that comes with chips (fries), and coleslaw. She asked me if it is possible if we can not put coleslaw with her order, I told her that that could be arranged and asked her if she wanted salad/boiled vegetables instead. She said No….then complained that she had no Vegetables with her bbq ribs. 

This woman ALWAYS finds something to complain about.  

  1. 2) People who eat all of the food then complain that there was something wrong with it. 

What sucks about these people is that they tell me to inform the manager then he replies with "they ate it so don't tell me they complained" 
If something is wrong with your food, please let us know before you devour it all.  

  1. 3) People who change their order but won't admit it. 

As a waitress, and a human being, I am bound to make mistakes sometimes. I am grateful for clients who don't bite my head off when I admit my mistake and they have to wait a while longer. However, I am not grateful for that person that ordered a Blue Lagoon cocktail then said she ordered a Pepsi. I repeat my orders back to the customers as to see if there are any mistakes. You cannot tell me that you didn’t order a Blue Lagoon cocktail ! And if I had made that mistake you cannot tell me that you didn't notice my mistake as I repeated your order while you ,and your friends, had been paying attention to me.  

  1. 4) People who discuss their order between them when they say that they are ready to order. 

There are people who say that they are ready to order…then open their menus once again…and ask each other "so what are you having?"….then they start discussing their orders taking up valuable time then tell me to stay when I say that I can be back in a few minutes. I ,as a waitress, have things to do and other tables waiting for me so please DISCUSS BEFORE I ASK YOU FOR YOUR ORDER.  

   5) People who think that they're the only table in the restaurant.

     These are the kind of people who want something as soon as they think of it. I am most often in charge of the largest section of our restaurant, and I am most often alone. So you can imagine how frustrated I get when I am dealing with a customer who think they're royalty. 
Now, I am not saying that the customer doesn't deserve to be served, but if I have 10 tables and 14 things to do on my mental to-do list then I will simply add "See what that irritating on table 92 needs." 

Spoiler : She wanted her drinks 3 minutes after I took her order...I still hadn't put the order through! #oops. In my defense, I was alone on a Saturday night waiting on 23 tables. 

   6) People who think waiters/waitresses cook their own.
       The amount of times that I hear the question "Where is my food?" is pretty annoying. To this I would like to politely say to all of you that "I am a waitress, I do not know where your food is if it isn't in front of you. I am aware that you may have been waiting for about 20 minutes (that is when you ordered your Barbary Duck Breast) but the kitchen has other orders and I'm sure that they will finish your meal as quick as they can."

   7) Large tables that complain that their food is taking too long.

      So let me break this down for you. Our kitchen staff send up all the food of the same table at the same time, so when a table of (let's say) `17 adults and 4 children comes in, and order their food...they are going to be waiting a while. Now, where I work we usually offer a complimentary started when the order has been placed so that the customers don't completely die of starvation...but, that doesn't matter most of the time. 17 adults ordering a mixture of steaks, chicken breasts, ribs, and they expect their food to be done within 30 minutes. 

This post is a way for me to show you lovely people what it's like to be on the inside workings of a restaurant. So, the next time you visit a restaurant keep all of these in mind and I'm sure that if you are none of these customers then your waitress/waiter will love you. 

Until next time, lovelies. 


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