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Before we begin I want to take you back to 2012. January 6th 2012 was the day I discovered One Direction. The reason I am telling you this is because the boys of One Direction have a small number of tattoos. One of them happens to be on Louis Tomlinson's skin, which I had sworn to get inked into my skin. But as I grew older (and a tad wiser) I realized that I shouldn't get it as it looks rather childish.

Now, as I was curiously browsing through Inkbox's selection of temporary tattoos I spotted a tattoo similar to that of Louis's so ,obviously, I got it. I, also, got a Raven tattoo from their The Mummy Collection for my friend. is my review of the Inkbox Temporary Tattoo "Papel". In other words, a paper airplane.

This little beauty cost me $21 USD without postage and delivery, and since it's outside the EU I had to pay about 9euro to the deliveryman for VAT. The box it comes in is black with this really cool design on the side of the box, and also, the words "Let's Get Inked" in big, white letters. My tattoo actually had a smudge? on it and I was worried that , although they claimed it would be fine, that it would still ruin the tattoo. Inkbox were right - the tattoo was fine.

Inside the box you will find your temporary inkbox tattoos, Black glove, moistened cloth and an  alcohol wipe. Together with the instructions on how to apply your tattoo. Applying the tattoo is really easy and takes no more than 20 minutes for the whole process to be finished. When applying the tattoo be extremely careful not to touch the inkpad with your bare hands because it will stain for the next two weeks.

When first applied the tattoo is really light. Mine was so faded that I thought I did it wrong but it started to develop a few hours later.  In less than 24 hours it was already looking perfect. It finishes as a dark blue design on your skin.
When first applied... 
A few hours later...

The tattoo lasted me exactly two weeks. Although it was pretty faded at the end of the two weeks, it was still clearly visible as a whole design.

This tattoo looks as realistic as could be, and my inbox was flooding with "When did you get a tattoo, Aby?" as soon as I posted a selfie displaying my Inkbox tattoo. I know that it is on the pricey side but it is worth every penny. Downside of it is that you can't know for sure where you're placing the tattoo since the back of it is a large square, so you just align it and hope for the best.

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Until next time, lovelies.

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  1. Looks awesome! Ahah love how you got Louis' one 😝

    Lon x

    1. As I like to say : 1D may be on break, but I am not. hehe ! x


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