Unboxing : April 2018 Owlcrate

Hello there, my lovelies!

It has been such a long time since I had posted on this blog. I had announced my break from my blog back in December/January, and I honestly really needed the break from it all. A lot of people come into blogging thinking that it is an easy job; however, anyone who takes it seriously knows all the hard work that goes into every post. I am not going to sit here and say that I take blogging as seriously as other bloggers, but the amount of effort that I do put into it just becomes too much sometimes.

With that said, the summer holidays are here so I have some more extra time to write and put myself into blogging. That is why I am back today with a post. Today's post is all about Owl Crate. I have shared my love for Owl Crate before and at one point I had decided that I wouldn't be doing a review of every box that I get. However, in the past few months I had gotten two boxes that I just have to share. If you have read past posts on this blog then you would know that I usually go for the cheesy, cliché and most adorable books but lately I have been leaning towards fantasy. These boxes have been the perfect essential for a bookworm who loves twisted and magical worlds.

In today's post I will be talking about the April Owl Crate with the theme SHADOWS AND SECRETS.

The theme name is already very intriguing, so when the email said it had items inspired by Harry Potter, The Moral Instruments and The Six of Crows I WAS SOLD. I had to get it - I wanted and needed it. I do try to be careful which Owl Crates I do get because shipping is expensive to Malta. So also the items are quite worth the retail price of the box (in my opinion), I really need most sneak peeks to come out before I decide the box is worth the extra twenty-something euro for shipping. 

Let me start with the item that made me go crazy the most - the pillow case. First of all, this was the first pillow case from Owl Crate that I have ever gotten ( and I'm sure it was the first time they had included it), and it was inspired by The Six of Crows. The background of the pillowcase is a silhouette of Ketterdam in the most fitting colour palette for such a dark and twisted book. In addition, the quote that reads on the pillow case is simply one of my favourite quotes from the whole book. Add all the characteristics together and that equals to my most favourite pillow case ever. I literally shoved a pillow in it immediately upon unboxing.

Another Owl Crate first (I think) is a packet of coffee. That's right, Coffee. But not any coffee, of course Not. It is Deadly Dark Chocolate and Sea Salt coffee, and it is amazing. This blend was provided by BONES AND COFFEE, which is a coffee company that create wonderful unique blends. I must warn you that to use this coffee you need a proper coffee machine. The first time I used it, I had tried the traditional boiling water in a kettle way and it didn't work. I actually took it to work since I work in a restaurant and asked my manager if I could try the coffee blend in the espresso machine. That time it worked, and oh my gosh it was amazing.

Next up is a Shadow Hunters inspired item - a bar of soap. It is Wild Berry scented, and it is created by Three Sisters Apothecary by Soap Cauldron. I haven't used it yet but I have smelt it and it smells amazing. It also comes in such a cute box. I'm almost afraid to use it !

Get ready for your next year at Hogwarts with a set of three pencils. Each pencil is a different colour and each pencil has a Harry Potter reference in gold writing. They are so cool that they will probably remain sealed for the rest of all the time. This is an exclusive item created in collaboration with Jubilee Designs !

Owl Crate needed an item inspired by a single character so in this box there is a vinyl sticker. It is inspired by Adelina from The Young Elites. I haven't read the books but I love the quote on this sticker, and the illustration is beautiful!

A total surprise in this box was the sample from the book Legendary by Stephanie Garber. And when I say sample I don't mean 1 page. I mean, 2 chapters. It has a two chapter sample from a new book! I think that is amazing. The book Legendary is a sequel to Stephanie Garber's Caraval.

And finally. The moment we have all been waiting for. The book for the April Owl Crate themed SHADOWS AND SECRETS is Ace of Spades, written by Amanda Foody. The cover for the book is exclusive to Owl Crate as the colours of the cover has been alternated and the background is different. We know this isn't the first time that Owl Crate has done this, and I believe that it makes it worth more than simply having the book. As always there is the author's signature; however, this time it is directly on the book. And there is also a letter from the Author. A little extra something was added with the book as there is a set of post cards inspired by the book. One of the post cards is actually a map to The City of Sin, and I am absolutely loving it. I am a huge fan of having a map of the town in a story, it helps me to have a better image of the city. Otherwise I imagine everything a mess.

That is it for April's Owl Crate. I really loved this box, and it lived up to my expectations. Owl Crate did a marvellous job with it. The May theme for Owl Crate was Fight like a Girl, and I got it! So expect a review of that box very soon!

Until next time lovelies,

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