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A few weeks ago, I posted a review of me using Inkbox Tattoos. This week I shall be reviewing a tattoo from Momentary Ink Tattoos !

Momentary Ink Tattoos is a company that sells temporary tattoos. Their quote is "The Look of a real tattoo, the life of a temporary one." It offers a range of tattoos from quotes to art, and also, it offers an option to create your own custom tattoo.

Momentary Tattoos are quite different from the Inkbox Tattoos that I reviewed. First of all, these tattoo do not sink into the first layer of your skin. These remind me of those tattoos we used to get when we were kids with gum : the ones were you put them on the skin and cover them with a damp cloth. The only difference is that these are quite pricey and they look cooler. You can also customise the size of the tattoo, and the price varies according to your preferred size.

I got the design Fly With Me which is a Peter Pan inspired tattoo,  that I have actually deliberated on getting myself. Note : In the photos you can see my other tattoo, Expecto Patronum because I forgot to take photos of my Fly With Me tattoo before application. 

The tattoo comes with a liquid called Real Teal and a finger wrap. This tattoo is simple to apply as you just align the tattoo with where you want it, and press it to your skin then soak it with a damp cloth until it slides off. As simple as a gum tattoo. After letting it dry for 3 minutes, you put on the finger wrap and pour a bit of the Real Teal onto it before wiping it across your tattoo.

My tattoo lasted for over a week but not as a whole design as Peter peeled off after 3 days. I love the way it looks so authentic. My only issue with it is that I got a tan whilst rocking this tattoo, and now I have a mark of where the tattoo used to be.

 What are your thoughts on temporary tattoos?

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