Lush Review : Guardian of the Forest bath bomb

Hey !

Today I will be reviewing the bath bomb with the most amazing name - Guardian of the Forest !

First of all, I want to talk about it's exterior. As soon as I laid my eyes on it I imagine the light green as plain grass and the dark green , which is in a bumpy pattern, I picture it as the trees. It is the most fitting exterior for a bath bomb with the word 'Forest' in it's name.

Next I want to talk about the ingredients and scent of this beautiful bath bomb. This bath bomb consists of Cypress Oil (Calming and toning) , Rosewood oil (Antiseptic and uplifting) , Lime Oil (Uplifting and protecting) and Oakmoss Absolute (A mystical, mossy fragrance). SO from the ingredients you can notice that this bath bomb is meant to be have a natural and green scent, which makes the title super fitting once again.

Cypress Oil is one of the main ingredients in this bath bomb, and it is one of the key notes to the woody fragrance present in Guardian of the Forest. The Rosemoss Oil also contributes to the woody fragrance but it also adds a bit of spicy and citrusy aroma to it all. The Oakmoss absolute is added "as it has a beautiful earthy, mossy aroma and is a rich, dark green colour like the forest floor."*

Guardian of the Forest dissolves slowly, spreading the light green colour across the water with a few streaks of the dark green. Once it is fully dissolved it leaves the bath looking beautiful with forest green water topped with some glitter.

I feel like lately I have been loving the more earth fragranced bath bombs, which is very unusual since I usually go for sweet fragranced bath bombs. However, I will repurchase this bath bomb again. It was quite an experience to relax with this bath bomb.

*Quote from : "Oakmoss Absolute". Lush Fresh Handmade Cosmetics.

Until next time, lovelies.


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