What I want...


You'll be surprised how your brain decides to choose that in the middle of an important exam it wants you to know what you want in a relationship. Here is what my brain let me know….

I want someone who can handle my anxiety. I want someone who doesn't let me get away with pulling my hair. I want someone who takes NO for an answer the first time I say it. I want someone who accepts my No and doesn't try again. I want someone who accepts that I need time to adjust t having them in my life, and accept that it may take a while for me to get comfortable. I want someone who accepts that I can't trust him or her immediately. I want someone that doesn't say 'I'm not like the others' because most often they are going to be just like the others. Telling me that you're not like the others prepares me for heart break. I want someone who proves to me that they're not like the others.

I want someone not to break up with me via text message. I want someone to tell me that it's over to my face with a clear explanation. I want someone to have the balls to explain to me what is wrong and why they don't think it's worth fixing. I want to allow myself to give myself to someone without it being thrown in my face when it's over between us.

This is a shout out to my ex….for inspiring this post and for making me realise what I want and what I need. I'm not the best when it comes to choosing guys so hopefully I will keep this in mind from now on.

Until next time, lovelies.

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