Book Talk : November 9 by Colleen Hoover

Hey !

Today I am going to talk about this wonderful book that my friend lent me : 9 November.
This is a young adult and contemporary book which will cause your heart to flutter with joy.

You can bet that from now on November 9th won't be a regular day for me..It will be known as Fallon and Benton's day.The reason why I am talking about this book is because I have never come across a book like it. The two characters ,Fallon and Ben, only meet once a year on November 9th since Fallon moves to another state on the first November 9th. Every November 9th is packed with emotions : You will laugh, you will cry and you will definitely want to throw your book a couple of time through frustration. 

Fallon wants to be an actress but an accident ,that happens when she is only 16 years old , ruins her chances. Benton is an aspiring writer who is the same age as Fallon, and just like her went through something at the age of 16.What I love about this book is that Ben and Fallon encourage each other to reach their goals, and I especially love the way Ben handles Fallon especially when she's feeling insecure.  They meet each other when they're 18, and they plan to meet once a year for 5 years. This is because Fallon's mother tells her that a girl doesn't know who she is until she is 23 and a girl can't find herself if she's lost in someone else. Fallon has a close relationship with her mother so she loves to take her mother's advice, which is why Fallon and Ben make this plan.

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You know your ultimate fictional boyfriend?

Forget about him and make way for Benton James Kessler, because let me tell you that he is amazing. A.M.A.Z.I.NG. Read the book and agree with me...hopefully. Something happens that might make you remove him from the list..but it's nothing serious, honestly. It was an accident. *tries to plant the seed of curiosity so that you read it*

If you have read this book then let me know what you think about it.
And if you've read any other Colleen Hoover books, then give me your recommendations.

Until next time, lovelies


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