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I watched this movie because I was bored and I didn't even look it up before so I had no idea who the cast was...Then I see Matthew Daddario...and I squealed. I mean, he wasn't a main character but HE WAS IN IT !

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I love this movie. I have watched it more than 10 times. I do think that they could have done more with it but the end result is amazing. The movie is about two best friends , Noami and Ely, who have made this No Kiss List. Reason for this is that they believe that a friendship where they don't fight over boys is a friendship that lasts forever. IT IS AN AMAZING MOVIE. I love how Victoria Justice portrays Noami perfectly.

My favourite Character is Bruce 1. I just love him. I can't explain why but I LOVE HIM.

Favourite scene is when Bruce 2 goes into the building and everyone is in the lobby. I just couldn't stop laughing from the moment he walked in to the moment he walked out.

Now, Ely is gay BUT Noami is in love with him...but she's dating Bruce 2..whilst crushing on Gabriel...and leading Bruce 1 on. Ely doesn't realise that she is in love with him. The no kiss list was made because Noami's dad cheated on her mum with their neighbour...who is Ely's mum. Noami says "I wish our parents had a no kiss list..." and it made me feel so sorry for her. The affair between the parents really got to Noami and it is so clear throughout the whole movie.
Ely ends up kissing someone who is assumed to be straight but then he and Ely end up dating. What I love about this is that they didn't just say that he is gay, He says that it just doesn't mean that he is straight. I love that the movie shows bisexuality because usually they are labelled as gay if they are seen kissing another person of the same gender. So major points for that one scene where he says that.

Now, to sum up what I think of the book in a sentence I never thought I would use : The movie was better. It tears me apart to say it but it is my opinion. I had such high hopes for the book since the movie was amazing and just all came tumbling down. I just feel like it didn't have the sense that the movie had when connecting Naomi's family drama and Naomi's drama with Ely. Also, too many P.O.Vs . Something that I did like is that the movie had a lot of direct quotes from the movie. Also, if you read the book then you can fill in some questions that you probably had while reading the movie; like 'Why is Ely wearing a suit, looking incredibly nervous at Bruce The Second's dorm?"

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I hope I didn't give out major spoilers !

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