Lush Review : 2017 Christmas Exclusives

I Have concluded that some of my bath bombs are on strike and have decided to not work properly.

 Golden Slumbers Bath Bomb

 Golden Slumbers is exactly what its name says that it is. It is a gold coloured bath bomb, full of lavender oil, lavender absolute, chamomile oil and neroli. This concoction will life your mood right before making you want to doze off in your nice, warm bath. The Golden Slumbers bath bomb smells amazingly natural, and the scent persists throughout the dissolving and throughout your bath. It even stays on your skin after you exit your bath. Although the lavender is quite strong, the chamomile oil adds a hint of sweetness.

When this bath bomb first hits, it starts to begin to dissolve immediately. Although Golden Slumbers is meant to spread foam across the surface, my bath bomb sank to the bath and started fizzing out at the bottom of the bath. This did not affect the consistency of it dissolving. Meaning, it dissolved properly but, instead on the surface of the water, it sank to the bottom. However, the amount of glitter that was released made the whole experience satisfying. The glitters turn the water into a gold metallic shade.

Golden Slumbers is the perfect definition of Simple yet Effective, and it is perfect for that pre-sleep bath time. The lavender sucks out all the stresses out of you.

Christmas Sweater Bath Bomb

 I don't know if any of you have noticed, but the weather is getting chilly (unless you live somewhere where it's hot) [duhh]. Therefore, it was extremely important for me to use something that makes me feel warm.  Dun dun DUUUUN! *Bring in Christmas Sweater bath bomb"

Let me tell you about how much I love this bath bomb.

  1. The design :
The exterior of this bath bomb brings its name to life. With a red exterior with two white reindeer on top - making it look exactly like a knitted Christmas Jumper.

  1. The scent :
The bath bomb has a spicy scent. This is due to all the ingredients that it's made out of ginger powder, mustard powder, Clove Bud Oil, and Coriander Seed Oil. All of these ingredients give Christmas Sweater a spicy kick. In addition, the Coriander Seed Oil and the Clove Bud oil add a sweet fragrance to this bath bomb.

  1. Picturesque :
Once Christmas Sweater touches the water, a layer of red foam emerges. And as the bath bomb continues to dissolve, a hole is dug on one end of it, then bursts of yellow start to create a pattern on the surface of the water. You'd think that the amount of yellow that erupts would cause the water to go orange; however, the end result is a deep red. In addition, this bath bomb has a mixture of foam, bubbles, and a sprinkle of glitters.

  1. It is perfect when used after work as I would describe it as being absorbed by your bones then released with all the tension and stresses.  Also, due to all the spicy ingredients in this ballistic, it is also perfect for after you've had a little run around in the cold or snow.

Luxury Lush Pud bath bomb

This ballistic has been released as part of the Christmas Collection for the past few years, but this is the first time that I was able to get my hands on it. Luxury Lush Pud is an extremely colourful bath bomb that consists of a vibrant pink base, a snow white top, and coloured polka dots around the sides.  In addition, it smells as sweet as it looks; consisting of lavender, tonka, and ylang-ylang oil. In my opinion,  the tonka absolute is the richest scent in this bath bomb.

As soon as Luxury Lush Pud touches the water, it immediately starts to release streams of pink, blue, yellow and green across the surface. I was reminded of the way that Experimenter bath bomb first dissolves as it touches the water. As it slowly dissolves (about 5 minutes) , it turns the water to a light pink/ coral colour that is sparkling with lustre. In my opinion, this bath bomb is the perfect way to end your day on a sweet note!

Snow Fairy Jelly Bomb

Snow Fairy must be one of the scents from Lush that every sweet-scent lover adores. Lush already has a number of products sporting this scent; however, I think it was an amazing decision to take the sweet scent and make it into a Jelly bomb.

As you can see from the picture, Snow Fairy Jelly Bomb is a lovely pink colour decorated with white spots; however, the addition of the star design is really what I love most about this ballistic. If you simply pick up the bath bomb without examining it, you would surely miss the single star amongst all the circles. Similar to the Snow Fairy bath bomb, this jelly bomb has the strong smell of candy floss; however, one can note that there is a hint of vanilla in the scent. In my opinion, this makes the ballistic even better. It's like walking through a fun fair with candy floss in one hand and a creamy vanilla milkshake in the other.

Snow Fairy Jelly Bomb also possesses one of the characteristics that I appreciate in Lush bath products: the scent lasts FOREVER. The scent remains in the air throughout your duration in the bath, and when you visit your bathroom hours later the scent is still there. Moreover, the scent sticks to your skin. Apart from this, another way this jelly bomb affects your skin is by making it extremely soft.

If that isn't enough, Snow Fairy jelly bomb is a wonder to look at as it dissolves, throwing streams of pink and white across the water making it look like a frothy strawberry milkshake. The spectacle lasts a while but is repetitive; therefore, I wouldn't waste all my time staring at it as it takes forever to dissolve. In addition, it seems that it does not dissolve fully so you have chunks of jelly floating around in the bath. However, I found that grabbing the chunks and rubbing them into your skin helped in the scent lasting longer on my body.

I really want to know which is your favourite Christmas Exclusive. Also, let me know which product in the Snow Fairy family is your favourite. 

Until next time, lovelies.

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