Lush Review : Experimenter Bath Bomb

This one may have been a bad bomb.

The Experimenter bath bomb is one of the most talked about bath bomb on my social media, followed by the Intergalactic bath bomb. After seeing all the hype about it I just HAD to try it, but ,I must say, I was semi disappointed.

The exterior of this design will catch anyone's eye with its multicoloured facet and it's hexagon shape. These bright colours are - I guess- meant to indicate the bright coloured streak of water that will cover the surface of your bathtub once The Experimenter starts to dissolve. However, when it came to using my own Experimenter bath bomb, I found that the colours were not as vibrant as I had seen in other reviews. Instead, I got a few bright (ish) colours that immediately swirled together to create a murky grey colour. Was it just my bath bomb that did this or is it the intended outcome? I do have a hunch that mine dissolved rather quickly; therefore, ruining the slow effect of the colours streaming across the surface.

The initial scent of the Experimenter bath bomb is a strong one, but after the initial shock to your sense of smell, you start to distinguish between the strong scent and the sweet scent of it. Vetivert Oil, which is the main ingredient, created the strong scent that is described by Lush as earthy and smoky. In addition to the Vetivert oil, we find a combination of tonka and vanilla which create the sweet aspect of this bath bombs' scent. 

Overall, I do like this bath bomb, despite the fact that I was expecting more from it. I will buy it again so I can test it again. I mean, most of the reviews that I have seen matched. So why was my bath bomb any different?
One thing that I love about this bath bomb is that it holds the two important qualities that I look for in bath bombs - the scent lingers on your skin, and it makes your skin feel soft.

I am eager to hear your thoughts about the Experimenter bath bomb. Did you have a similar experience to mine, or was your bath bomb the best?

Until next time, lovelies.

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