Owl Crate Unboxing : October 2017

OwlCrate October 2017 unboxing

It has been over a year since my last owlcrate unboxing. 

Since it has been a while since I last got an Owlcrate, I was extremely excited when I had gotten home and found it on my bed.

This month's theme was , and I got it ordered because I thought the theme sounded interested. However, I also got it because I lost my mind over the fact that there was going to be a Harry Potter inspired item in the box.

Okay , getting into the blog. *grabs spoiler card* Let me tell you what Owlcrate had in store for October.

First item on the list is a delicious smelling candle from In The Wick of Time. It is inspired by The Raven Cycle forest Cabeswater, and it smells of moss and peppermint. It is important to note that the peppermint overpowers the moss but the moss is still pretty distinguishable.

A very surprising item for me in this box is the tea blend. I was not expecting it at all. However, I am sure that I will enjoy it because it supposedly tastes just like blueberry pie ! This tea is from Riddle's Tea Shoppe , and it was inspired by Robin Hood and his Merry Men.

Next up is one of the reasons I got the box : A Harry Potter inspired item. The item is a mug! A MUG! I lost my chill when I unwrapped it out of the bubblewrap. Its beautiful artwork of the Forbidden Forest is by   . Not only do I think the design is superb, but I love the watercolour type style that it is painted in. So, good job Cara Kozik for this wonderful exclusive item !

So, we have the tea, we have the mug, and now we have the coaster. Designed by Kristin Askland, we find an exclusively designed woodland-inspired coaster!

Obviously, you can't enjoy a book if you keep losing your page. So, Owlcrate have included some magnetic bookmarks from CraftedVan that are inspired by Where the Wild Things are. I love CraftedVan bookmarks and I constantly use the ones that I had found in the June 2016 Royalty Themed Owlcrate

An owlcrate box is not complete without a print ! Another exclusive product for Owlcrate by Audra Auclair inspired by Princess Mononoke.

Finally, we have the book. The book in this Owlcrate is Wild Beauty by Anna-Marie McLemore. A huge part of the book setting is a garden, so flowers. Lots of flowers. And in order for the readers to know what it's like to grow flowers like the women in the Nomeolvides family, in this owlcrate we find a packet of seed. A packet of forget-me-not flower seeds, to be exact. I think that this was such a wonderful touch to go along with the theme of this book.

I love how this box has the perfect essentials for a book worm. What do you think?

Next Month's theme.         

WIill you get it? 

Until next time, lovelies.

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