Madame Ladybug Period Subscription box : September 2017

There was a lot of hassle to get this box !

We all need a little comfort when we are on our period, so I thought that it would be a brilliant idea to get myself a
Madame Ladybug Period Subscription box. I chose the ultimate box, and I got a one-time purchase time. It cost me 29 euro, but then I had to pay another 8 euro because of tax on toiletries coming from the USA. I had a little issue getting this box because I ordered it in August, and it arrived in November. However, that was partly my fault because I didn't realise that they were not sending boxing due to personal issues. I must admit that I panicked though because I couldn't reach them on any social media.

Once the package arrived, I felt ecstatic! I immediately opened it and found white and red tissue paper, and once removed there were three patterned and colourful plastic bags. In one bag there were the products to use on your period (pads, tampons, wipes), in another bag there was a lot of comfort food and some tea bags, and in the last bag there were some novelties.

The brand of pads that I got is Kotex before they don't sell them in Malta, and so I chose them. The website gives you the option to choose what brand you want your hygiene products to be.

In the first bag : Hygiene Products.

  • 7 pads
  • 10 tampons
  • 3 panty liners
  • 2 Advil
  • 3 Summer's Eve cleansing cloths

I am so happy with this comfort food. Not only does it taste amazing but it is high in nutrients and vitamins that the body needs during our period. For example protein bars, and little sweets rich in Vitamin C.

In the second bag :  Comfort food.

  • tgi friday potato skins : Cheddar and Bacon
  • austin peanut butter crackers
  • welch fruit snacks
  • fiber one caramel nut chewy bar
  • mott's medleys fruit snack
  • Keebler chips deluxe cookies
  • powerbar protein plus bar
  • st dalfour green tea
  • barrington tea black tea
  • barrington tea premium green tea
  • touch organic white tea
  • belvita blueberry breakfast biscuits

In the third bag : Novelty food.

  • NYX nail polish in the shade 18
  • Collagen and Hyaluronic Eye mask
  •  A heart necklace with the words A mother holds her child's hand.
  • Charcoal and Clay Face Mask
  • A product from Jones New York.

 I literally don't know what that last product is. I think it's a lip gloss but it doesn't have anything written on it and my research has come up with 0 results. If you recognise the product then please let me know what it is! I'd love to know all the details of it.

I believe that if every subscription box should come with a card saying what is exactly in the box. I love the fact that this box had such a variety of essentials for period. I also LOVE the snacks that they provided, I ate everything is one sitting. However, there was a protein bar that was past it's best before date, I still ate it and it still tasted amazing but I think they should be more careful about the dates. I didn't like the fact that it was so stressful for me to get my hands on this box. I don't think it was worth the trouble. I wouldn't recommend this box to anyone living outside the USA because it wouldn’t be worth it. However, if you do live in the USA then I think it's kind of worth it.

Until next time, lovelies.

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