Lush Review : Lava Lamp Bath Bomb

Hey !

It has been a while since I posted a Lush review but here I am, back to spending my salary on a Lush Haul. Today, I want to talk about this orange ball of amazing-ness : The Lava Lamp Bath Bomb. Now, I'm going to be real with you I love this bath bomb because orange and purple are my two top favourite colours so I was very excited when picking this up in the Lush store.

This orange sphere has 3 purple spots which are actually bath melts ! Basically, this lovely bath bomb is loaded with nutrients for your skin. Lava Lamp is made from a mixture of citrus oils including tangerine oil, mandarin oils and orange flower absolute. This concoction gives Lava Lamp a highly fruity scent which is super refreshing.

This bath bomb dissolves rather quickly as it shoots out rays of orange across your water and turning the bath water....wait for it.....ORANGE ! A beautiful bright orange which gets stained with streams of purple oil from the 3 purple spots. As these 3 spots dissolve they float on the surface of the water resembling..wait for it...this is a good one....a lava lamp! Beautiful purple blobs on the orange water.

Down the slide to find the negative side of Lava's very oily and greasy so that does not feel very good. Also, you need to scrub away the purple oil residue from your skin...and the residue which it leaves once you drain the water out. I mean, don’t worry they are very easy to clean off and it doesn't stain the bath.

How was your experience using the Lava Lamp bath bomb?

Until next time, lovelies.


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