What have I used up so far?

  1. Hey !
  2. I can't believe that it is July already ! During this year, I have used up a handful of products that I thought I'd share with you all. 

  3. 1. A)I love... Raspberry & Blackberry bubble bath and shower cream &  
          B) I love...Coconut & Cream bubble bath and shower cream. 

This smelt amazing....in the bottle. I mean you can smell it when you're rubbing it all over your body BUT the scent doesn't stick with you (And I love when the scents stick with me after the shower) 

Also...Bubble Bath...it does not make many bubbles...It lathers up quite well in the shower BUT I would not consider it a bubble bath. I must admit that it was cheap but I guess it is reasonably priced considering it's quality. 

Both of these were not a thick consistency but also not a liquid-y consistency. Thin enough to allow you to use it easily without straining to get it out of the bottle and rub it on your body, but also thick enough that it doesn't run when you try to rub it on your body.  

3/5 Stars.  

  1. Charles Worthington  Volume and Bounce Conditioner *Owned by PZ Cussons* 

I have used this without the Charles Worthington  Volume and Bounce Shampoo so the results may differ from the results I would have obtained if I used the shampoo along with the Conditioner. 
Nevertheless, this conditioner does a wonderful job at leaving your hair feeling silk soft without feeling too heavy on the hair. Also, it doesn't leave your hair feeling oily. I recommend leaving this in for a few minutes before rinsing too make your hair even softer. 

When it comes to the  "Volume and Bounce" aspect of the product, I believe that is also does a wonderful job. My hair is rather flat especially after a few days after washing but with this product it leaves it looking voluminous until the next wash. What I love about this product is that apart from giving Volume and Bounce to my hair, it claims to also heat protect your hair.  

4/5 stars. 
I recommend this to all you people with flat hair. If I buy this another time, I will buy it along with the shampoo.  

  1. Charles Worthington Salon at Home  style setter brush-out strong hold hairspray 

Charles Worthington Brush-Out Hairspray does a wonderful job at keeping your hair in place whilst adding a shine to your hair. After a while it allows you to run your fingers but at first it has that crisp feeling every hairspray usually has. I usually use this to hold my loose hairs into place without having a heavy hairspray everyday. My hair is rather thick but this hairspray holds everything in place for most of the day. 

4/5 stars 

  1. Coconut and Lime Body Lotion 

The use of Coconut in beauty products are quite possibly my favourite thing ever -- I simply love that tropical fruity scent. Never did I imagine that a blend of sweet coconut and a strong Lime would be such a wonderful scent. The bottle of my Coconut and Lime body lotion comes in a transparent bottle with a light green cap ; however, I believe that they have changed it's packaging. The consistency of the product is quite thick and it is creamy. Word of warning : it is not easy to pour out so you might have to press the bottle (Again, the packaging seems to have changed so I don't know if it is easier with the new cap) It spreads out easily so you don't need to use a large amount of product. I must say that it does a marvellous job at moisturizing your skin, whilst also leaving it smelling delicious.  

5/5 stars. 

  1. Snow Fairy Shower Gel 
  2. Review of this product can be found here. 

  3. Ginger Shower Gel 
I don't think I have ever said that I dislike a product. (Unless you count that one time I went to Lush in oxford Street, and the sales representative tested out a perfume on my wrist and I smelt of it for 3 days. I don’t know what it was but it smelt foul) It causes me great pain to say that I didn't like the Ginger Shower Gel. (not a great way to start a review) 

I never knew that I didn't like the scent of ginger until I smelt this Shower Gel. I swear, Ginger Tea smells different ! I imagined having a Ginger Tea scented shower gel, but nope. Obviously, I know that the addition of rose water would alter my imaginary scent of this product, but I ,at least, expected it to make it sweeter. The packaging says 'spicy floral fling' but I guess the 'spicy' was too harsh for my sense of smell. It’s texture is rather thin and gloopy, but it lathers up wonderfully.  On the plus side, this Kitchen Exclusive is a lovely pale pink that originally attracted me to the product as it reminds me of pink tulips.  Personally, I disliked this product but obviously, this is just my opinion so for others ,and you, it might the perfect scent and texture. 

UPDATE (6/09/2017)

Rose Jam Shower Gel

I am so saddened to announce that I have used up all of my Lush Rose Jam Shower Gel. I was super in love with it, and now it's gone. *hysterical crying* I sure hope that it's part of the 2017 Christmas Range. I first spoke about this gem back in March in my Lush Christmas Range 2016 post. Make sure to check out what I had to say about Rose Jam.

UPDATE 4(/10/2017)

Another one bites the dust. This shower gel has lasted me quite a long time because I kept neglecting it, but now that it's gone I am going to miss it so much. 

Until next time, lovelies.

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