A Guide to Long Distance Relationship gifts

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Okay. So...as I was looking at the numerous websites that claim "the perfect LDR gift", I noticed how 75% of the list is usually quite pricey. I am not saying that your significant other isn't worth the money but sometimes you want to get them a special something without emptying all of your income..especially if you are a student with very limited income. 

Another problem is that sometimes they don't actually ship Worldwide...so you'd be like "OMG. THIS IS THE PERFECT GIFT." then realise that it doesn't ship to you. This happens a lot to me since Malta is basically non-existent on the world map.  

So below I have compiled a list of websites where you can purchase a gift for you partner at a low (-ish) price and guaranteed worldwide delivery. 

Gift Ideas :  

  • LDR care package : 

This can be a plain box and throw a bunch of items your partner would like. 

  • Picture marshmallows : Boomf 

Basically for 20euro you can get 9 marshmallows with your photos on them. There is an option for marshmallow pops for 27euro. You can get this from boomf.com 
Not only is it worldwide delivery...but it's  free delivery ! 

  • Telegram Stop 
Send your lover a love letter the old fashioned way !  
This costs $7.95 telegram + postage. I think that it's a cute way to send a letter to a loved one. Although it can't be a really long letter, just a small message : 400 characters.  Either way it is a cute idea. 

  • What I love about you Fill-in-the-Blank Journal 

You can get this from bookdepository.com which offers free worldwide delivery ! The best thing is to get it sent to you so you can fill it in, then send it to your partner or wait until you are together to give it to them. I would wait until we're together so I can see their reaction :)   

"Simply fill in the blanks of this diminutive volume, and voila: it becomes a personalized gift your beloved will read again and again. Each spread contains a fill-in-the-blank line describing some aspect of your affection, allowing for as much schmaltz or chutzpah as you choose. Just remove the clear jacket before presenting this book to your loved one. Tissues not included." 

Where to get Gifts : 

Not only does Redbubble have the cutest things but they regularly have discounts. The shipping price varies. I have bought stickers from here before and they didn't take ages to arrive.  

 I got this cute post card from there...

I know that this isn't a really long list but it is difficult to find websites that can be special, low priced, and offer worldwide delivery. If you know of any websites that fit the criteria ^^ let me know down in the comments below. Also, comment if you have ever used any of the above websites and your experience! 

Until next time, lovelies. 


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