Simple Recipe : Pancake Muffins

Hey ! 

Do you ever have pancake cravings during the day? Do you not fulfill your cravings because pancakes are mostly eaten at breakfast? Well, I have good news to you. I would like to present….* drum roll* Pancake Muffins. Yes, your beloved breakfast can now be eaten as a snack! 

That sounded so much like a commercial. I love it. Haha !  

Let's start this again. 

Hey lovelies, I am not sure where I had originally found this recipe but it was in my orange binder so I decided to try it out. It's such a simple recipe that it is worth trying.  

For this recipe you will need : 

  • Pancake mix (and whatever ingredients needed in order to make it) 
  • Chocolate, raisins, nuts…anything that you would like to put in your pancake muffins to give them some flavour. 
  • Muffin Cases. 

And this is what you need to do : 

  • Mix together instant pancake mix. Or you can easily make your own batter by following these instructions Do sift the flour because the batter can turn out lumpy, and don't add the flour all at one go so you can be sure to have mixed it properly. Add 50g of sugar because the batter isnt very sweet (optional.) 

  • Pour into muffin cases. Trust me, you need to do this step. Especially if you're going to be putting chocolate because it will sink to the bottom and melt and get stuck to the muffin tins. So, pour into the muffin cases. Fill 3/4 of the cases.  

  • Put chocolate/raisins/nuts/ whatever you choose inside the muffin cases. Most probably they're just going to sink like mine did. The actual direction said to put some on top and same inside.  

  • Bake at 350 degrees Celsius for 12 minutes. This may take longer. After the 12 minutes, use a skewer or a tooth pick to test if they are done. If they're not leave them for an extra 5 minutes or so, depending on how long you think you need for them to be done. 

Totally simple, right? And so quick to do ! Unless you opt to make the batter yourself then you have an extra few minutes to get this done.  

If you have done this wonderful recipe, then please leave a comment down below. Also, send me photos on social media and I will check them out. 

Until next time, lovelies. 


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