Rant : Internet = Lazy?

Hey ! 

The internet has become an essential thing to have. In Malta, most government applications are now online and most schools require their students to have an internet connection in order to access material taught in class. So, why is it that when people see you on a laptop they assume that you are wasting time? 

Let me start this post by telling you how I was inspired to write this post. My sister was on video chat to my father and she flipped the camera so that I was in view. When he saw me on the laptop he said in a disapproving voice , "Always on that laptop,isn't she?"  

At that time I was reading up on my classes this semester which isn't that lazy, right? . It is so hard for people to realize that a person being on their laptop doesn't mean that they are wasting their time. I mean, I have no wifi at home so when I do get an internet connection I am checking emails, checking the University websites to get my lecture notes, updating & promoting my blog, and researching about things that I am not clear about at University. I have no wifi to waste my time on unproductive websites and the fact that people still associate technology with laziness really frustrates me. Yes, there are many websites that are good to have a bit of a break and chill out but that doesn't mean that every person using their laptop is doing something unproductive. 

Have you ever been told that you're wasting too much time on the internet whilst you were doing something important? Let me know. 

I am sorry for the rant and I am sorry that this is a short post but I just had to let it out. 

Until next time, lovelies. 


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