Two of my favourite things.


Two of my favourite things :  Lush and freebies. 
I am back again with a Lush product- 3 actually; sample sized. These are the Trichomania Shampoo Bar, Wash that man right out of my hair Shower jel, and The Comforter Shower Cream.  

The concepts of shampoo bars was quite alien to me as I am used to only using liquid shampoos which is why I requested a sample. Now, I will be talking to you about my experience using this shampoo bar from the perspective of someone who has greasy hair.  

Before I get to talk about my experience with it though, let me tell you a few things about it. 

According to the Lush website, this bar is full of creamed coconut which is what creates it lovely, sweet scent. Creamed coconut is full of natural protein which will help strengthen the hair. I straighten my hair often, and since I've been using Trichomania my hair feels soft instead of having that dry, crunchy feel to it. 

What I loved about this shampoo is that it lathers up really easily and produces a very thick, creamy foam that makes your hair feel instantly moisturised. The lather almost felt like a padding, which after I washed it off, helped to thicken my hair and give it some much needed volume. While it doesn't make it as frizzy as Big, it didn't feel as thin as I'm normally used to, which was a blessing. 

Trichomania lathers up wonderfully as it creates a lot of bubbles as you apply it to your hair, and when dry it leaves your hair feeling soft. It has a thick silky feel to it as it lathers up.  
Trichotillomania sufferers usually have thin hair, and this shampoo bar helps thicken the hair so I definitely recommend this product. (Click here to check out other products I have used that have helped me thicken my hair.) 

Tips for storing Shampoo Bars. 

According to Jane ,from Lush UK Customer care, " To keep your shampoo bars in good condition, you could put them on soap dishes.  

As long as you air dry them first, you can store them on wooden slatted soap dishes, china or plastic ones, or on wire racks, if you have those in your bathroom." 

Or you can buy metal tins from Lush that come in 3 shapes : square, oval, and round. 

Wash that Man Right Out Of My Hair Shower Gel  I want to talk about one of the greatest mysteries in my life at the moment, okay? 

I want to know how a product made mainly from floral Absolutes can have no floral scent at all. Wash that Man right out of my Hair shower gel consists of Ylang Ylang absolute,Jasmine Absolute, Rose Absolute and Sandalwood oil but somehow smells like a citrusy mouthwash. I genuinely was surprised at how it smelt when I had received a sample of it and took a sniff. It really is a mystery because it is quite a harsh smell ,so if you have a sensitive sense of smell I don't recommend putting this right under your nose for a whiff, but at the same time you can tell  that it has some fruity ingredients in it 

Apart from the great mystery that I associate with this red shower gel, I guess I should point out how much I love it's thick formula and the way that it makes you feel refreshed when using it. With this product, a little can go a long way as it lathers up rather quickly. 

The Comforter Shower Cream 
I had heard so many great things about The Comforter . However, I didn't want to actually buy it a bottle of it without actually knowing whether I like it or not. So, I requested a sample and I LOVED IT.  

First of all it's a pink liquid so it looks really pretty but it's also really creamy. One whiff of it and you can tell that it's a really sweet scented shower cream and oh, so very fruity. The fruity scent is contributed by the Cassis absolute, which is basically Blackcurrant absolute.  The Cassis absolute is also found in The Comforter body lotion and The Comforter Bubble Bar. 

The Cassis Absolute, Almond oil and Bergamot oil together ,amongst other ingredients, produce this wonder Shower Cream which helps moisturize the skin and leave it smelling incredible. The fragrance actually lasts a few hours on the skin which makes me love this product so much more. 

The only down-ish side to this product is that it doesn't seem to lather up a lot as you rub it in the skin. It's not actually a down side for most but for me , a passionate lover of bubbles, it is a downside.  

Other than that, it is wonderful. My brother has purchased the big bottle so now I have more than just the sample size.  

If you’ve ever tried The Comforter Shower Cream or Bubble Bar or both, tell me what you think of them in the comments. If you have ever reviewed them, then link your blog post in the comments and I will read and share it 

I really do want to thank Jane from Lush for answering my questions ! She basically provided  most of the information for Tips for storing Shampoo Bars. 
I am slowly exploring other Lush products instead on being stuck on Bath Bombs, Shower Gels, and Bubble Bars. Let me know your favourite products from Lush ! 

Until next time, lovelies. 


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