Things I am tired of hearing about Cruelty-free products.

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According to Wikipedia, more than 99% of all species that have inhabited the earth are now extinct. 99%, and the list of endangered species is constantly growing. This is one of the reasons that I have chosen to use products from brands that are against animal testing. People always view this in such a negative lens for some reason, or try to make up excuses as to why they can't buy products that are cruelty-free.

Are you a Vegetarian?


Why do you eat animal meat if you are against animal torture?

The answer to this is simple. I ,as do most people, are raised in environments where we are encouraged to eat meat. It is easier for me to start using products that aren't tested on animals or that are vegan than stopping the consumption of meat. I must admit that I have tried cutting out meat but I love chicken too much. SO the only meat that I actually do eat is chicken meat most of the time.

Aren't the products too expensive?

You see, I used to also think that cruelty-free are expensive ;HOWEVER, I have learned that just as brands that do test on animals there are High End products and Drugstore products. It depends on what you are looking at.

How do you know what products aren't tested on animals?

There are two ways you can do this.
  1. Search online what brands are cruelty-free and  try to find them in your local stores or buy them online.
  2. Look on the packaging for this symbol. This is the Leaping Bunny which basically means that the product is not tested on animals. I think of it as a Bunny hopping freely in it's natural habitat.

Also, if a product is sold in China then you know that it isn't cruelty-free since over there it is required by law to animal-test your products.

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I never find cruelty-free products!

A lot of companies actually don't have indicated on their packaging that they are cruelty free so unless you know for sure that a company is cruelty-free then I suggest not buying that thing that day until you do more research.

I do believe that with cruelty-free products research is the key.

But cruelty-free products aren't that good !

This is legit something I was told once and I just stood there starting at the person because I can think of so many great brands that are cruelty-free, which I proceeded to list for this person. This particular person then realized that some products she was using were actually cruelty-free !

I cannot deal with so many people because they say the previously mentioned things. Animals shouldn't suffer just so we can look beautiful, and I can't wait for the day when animal testing is illegal everywhere !

You can find cruelty free companies on the Peta website - Just Click Here !

Until next time, lovelies.


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  1. great post. Thanks for doing your bit to end suffering of the voiceless. As you said, even a little helps them.


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