Lush Review : Yoga Bath Bomb

Hey !

Do you know what this bath bomb taught me?
To never judge a bath bomb by it's exterior.

This bath bomb is basically a plain orange sphere when dry, but once it touches the water it is a spectacular bath bomb to watch. At first  the only thing that you can see ,as the bath bomb reacts to the water, is a thick orange foam that looks like ice-cream. as it dissolves slowly releasing a small trails of bubbles and streaks of colour. This bath bomb takes a few minutes to dissolve and it is wonderful to stare at.  My favourite part of this bath bomb is the light purple colour that emits from it as it nears its end. This bath bomb contains glitters ! SO the end result would be a kind of rusty orange colour with a lot of sparkles !

From the ingredients that make up this bath bomb it is easy to recognise that the purpose of this bath bomb is to provide a relaxing experience. The way the colours are not bright but light also gives the illusion of a relaxing atmosphere since they are easy on the eyes.

The ingredients in this bath bomb include SandalWood oil, Olibanum Oil, Cassie Absolute, and Ho Wood Oil.

According to the website ; SandalWood oil is Uplifting and Soothing ; Olibanum oil is Toning and Relaxing; Cassie Absolute is Comforting and Fruity ; and the Ho Wood Oil is Woody and floral.
All of these ingredients mixed together give the bath bomb quite a woody and Floral scent but it also has a citrus-y smell.


I really enjoyed bathing with this bath bomb dissolved in the water and I must admit that it is now my favourite bath bomb. Therefore, I will definitely be repurchasing this bath bomb - both for it's scent and relaxing qualities but also for it's picturesque result.

Until next time, lovelies.


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