My University Make Up Kit

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When it comes to doing my make up for university, I tend to go for a natural make up look, nothing too bold or bright. I also love to use the same make up products every day so that I know that the look will look good on me. So, let me present to you my University Make Up Kit.

Essence XXXL Nude lip gloss in the shade Taste The Sweets.

This beautiful shade is a light pink colour that is nearly nude that leaves your lips looking natural and with a thin layer of gloss. This lip gloss is extremely suitable if you are trying to perfect a natural make up look. The lip gloss is highly pigmented and glides on your lips easily. The consistency of this is a thin and non-sticky formula that leaves the lips feeling smooth and moisturized. I must point out that this lip gloss has a faint fruity smell, and that you need to constantly reapply it as it has a weak staying power.

Essence Lash Princess Volume Mascara

The thing I love most about the Mascara is it's cute bottle : a curved,black bottle with light pink writing on it, the lid has a heart corset design that makes this bottle really girly. The brush is also slightly curved and has short bristles that I believe is perfect for  precision. The formula of this mascara doesn't leave your lashes clumpy, and it isn't particularly dry. Although it's meant to give you Volume, I believe that this mascara works best for providing length.

Essence Match 2 Cover cream concealer

This creamy textured concealer is easy to spread on the skin; however, it has a nasty habit of settling in fine lines. I recommend not trying to build up the coverage with this concealer because it does tend to look cakey. It does have a dry texture so do be careful if you have dry skin. A plus of this concealer is that it doesn't clog pores and that it feels lightweight on the skin. Also, the packaging is extremely travel friendly. The two colours hold different functions : the light shade is used to cancel out the darkness under your eyes, and the dark shade helps to conceal blemishes and redness.

Essence mattifying compact powder in Perfect Beige

One of my favourite things about this powder is that it's packaging is round and thick, and it doesn’t open easily. The powder is quite light on the face and it has a soft texture. It lasts a good few hours, 5-6, which makes it perfect for University. Although if I have long days I have to reapply it. This powder doesn’t cause a cakey effect and it blends perfectly.

Beyu Velvet Matt foundation

This little beauty is actually my first ever foundation that I got a few years ago. It still works like a charm in it's very simple beige packaging and silver cap. It's got a very smooth texture and it is rather lightweight as it is buildable so most often I just put on one layer to cover up minor imperfections. Perfect for a day at University as it most often lasts 8 hours and it controls face oils for maybe 6 hours maximum on my skin. The only con with this foundation for me is that it is a bit pricey.

You have no how idea how annoying this semester has been with all the classes starting at 8 A.M so having these staples in my bag have been perfect. It works great for when I wake up late and I apply my make up in the restrooms on campus.

Until next time, lovelies.


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