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This is kind of a continuation of the last post. I do realise that some of you may not want to be carrying around a planner with you all day , every day, to be organisational . However, I do know that most of us carry our phones everywhere all day, every day. And let's admit it - going to the toilet has never been more entertaining. Gone are the days when we used to read the back of shampoo, conditioner or whatever bottles trying to pass the time. Or is that just me?

SO *back on point* I have compiled a list of  apps that I actually do use that make my life a tad easier when I don't want to take out my planner or if my planner is out of reach.

  1. Wunderlist :
    • Make to do lists
    • Set Due Dates and Reminders and Assign to-dos
    • Free on Iphone, Ipad,Android, Mac, Windows and the Web

  1. Keep
 You can add notes, lists and photos, and you can sync them to all of your devices through your email account. I Iove this app because you can set a location-based reminder so if you need something from a particular store, you'll get a reminder when you are there. Obviously your location setting has to be on. Also, YOU CAN COLOUR CODE.

  1. Calendar
   Set tasks on specific days, and view your day. You could also set it to see a 3-day view, week view or month view. So you have an option to choose whatever suits you. You can set reminders and events and colour code them so that makes it easier for you.

  1. My Study Life
         If you are a student then this App could be your lifesaver. You can put  in your schedule, tasks and exams. You can even put in your holidays. It is basically your school diary in an app.

I hope that these apps will be of use to you, and if not then remember that there are hundreds of similar apps that may be better for you. Remember that you can always leave a comment down below saying what apps you use, or how you feel about using the ones above.

Until next time, lovelies.


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