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With Summer vacation being nearly over, I have decided to talk about my favourite summer products ! Summer is always the time that I decide to change my makeup staples. This Summer I have purchased some new products from my favourite drugstore brand Essence, and have tried my first Tanya Burr products.  

Essence- I Like Long Lashes

Let's start off with the packaging : it's nothing fancy, it's a basic,black, slim mascara bottle with pink letters. The brush of this is really small and so are the hairs on the wand , which makes it perfect to coat every lash. What I love about this mascara is that you can layer it a few times without it getting too clumpy, or give you a spidery effect, and also it provided length and volume without exaggerating. Also, it stays on your lashes all day !

Essence - XXXL long lasting lip gloss in Silky Red

This beautiful red lipgloss is more of a lip cream to be honest. It comes in a transparent, plastic tube with a black lid and it is perfect to pop into your bag. When you apply it onto the lips you realize that it is so smooth and easy to apply, and that it has a creamy consistency. What I love most about this lip gloss is it's pigmentation : it is so pigmented that usually one layer would be opaque enough, and it only takes one swipe to get the exact colour that is shown in the tube. It lasts a few hours so you don’t have to re-apply it every hour or so. It has a matte finish that doesn't dry out your lips ! I've been wearing this every time I go out in the evening.

Essence - Cookies and Cream Collection : Cakepop, that's top! Nail polish.

SO…this nail polish is a metallic one and I don't usually go for metallic anything because I'm more of a pastel girl BUT this nail polish is a beautiful peachy colour that I just HAD TO HAVE ! It's so pretty and so opaque on the nail - if you do 2 layers. It is also so shiny (because it's metallic, aby. Duh!) You know what? I'm not sure if it's a peach colour or a coral orangey coral colour.

Tanya Burr Lip glosses : I found Nemo , Afternoon Tea & Lunch Date
I have been meaning to buy these lip glosses since they came out but never actually made the effort to buy them; however, since Tanya released her new Soft Luxe Collection, I was informed that some of the colours would be discontinued so I got over to Feel Unique and bought them ASAP. Let me talk about the packaging for a second because it is the cutest packaging ever ! It’s a simple clear tube with gold writing and a gold lid, and a small pink heart on the top of the lid.

Now, let's start talking about the actual lip gloss, which I have three shades of.

Left : Lunch Date.
Centre : I found Nemo
Right : Afternoon Tea

I Found Nemo is most probably my most favourite shade from the three that I own. It holds a light sweet scent which reminds me of watermelon, and it is a really pretty orange based coral that makes it extremely suitable for the Summer months.

Afternoon Tea is a beautiful pink nude colour that I am totally in love with. It is quite similar to I found Nemo but it has a pink tone to it. It also has a watermelon scent to it. It is a glossy lip colour which applies smoothly onto the lips, and it is super pigmented.

Last but not least we have Lunch Date, which is a pink toned nude colour, that applies wonderfully on the lips since it isn't fully opaque but it gives just enough colour to make your lips looking cute and glossy. The consistency for these lip glosses is amazing as they are light on the lips without being too thin, and they aren't sticky. They are perfect for natural make up looks !

So there you have it ! These have been my go-to products for the season, and I haven't used anything else as much as I have used these! I hope you enjoyed my blog post ! What were your summer favourites?

Until next time, lovelies.


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  1. These all sound really nice. I love Essence products but I have not yet tried any of the ones you mentioned. I will definitely try to pick up that nail polish :)

    Sarah | What Sarah Writes

  2. That red lip colour is so pretty! <3 Great haul! xx

  3. All of these colors look gorgeous!



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