Owl Crate Unboxing : August 2016

Hey !

It’s that wonderful time of month again when the postman comes bearing a beautiful owlcrate box. This month's theme is Fast Times at YA High. So basically it held items from YA books that occurred in High School.  I had to get this box ever since I found out that it will have an Eleanor and Park inspired piece of jewelry, and as you all should know by now.. I LOVE ELEANOR AND PARK.

So I am going to ignore the order on the Spoiler Card and start with the necklace inspired by Eleanor and Park SINCE IT IS THE SOLE REASON THAT I GOT THIS BOX. The necklace was created by OwlCrate and comes in the cutest blue bag. It is basically a small circular pendant with the photo from the book cover in a glass dome, and it also has a small metallic cassette tape. What I love about this necklace is that it has got a long chain.

Now that that is out the way I shall now resume with the order on the Spoiler Card or I'll get overwhelmed by all the goodies !

OwlCrate has put in an extremely cute ,pocket sized decomposition book, which is created from recycled pages ! The bicycle pattern it has along with the yellow colour, makes it look vintage. On the inside covers, there are little drawings  that are simply exquisite, if you ask me. Small random drawings that make the page look wonderful.

Next up we have a cute little button (or badge) from Taryn Draws, which says Hogwarts is my Home. It is perfect for all the PotterHeads out there. Another perfect thing for PotterHeads is the beautiful drawing of the Trio by Suzanne Draws. I love that it is a portrait of them based off the books and not off the films.

This next thing that is in the box made me squeal because I have been meaning to get one : An Adult Coloring Book. This one is by Blue Star and it has 48 pages of magnificent patterns ! You can remove the pages after you finish them as they are perforated.

Last thing on the Spoiler Card is the Book. This month's book is P.S I like you by Kasie West. I am excited to read this book because I have read The Distance Between us by Kasie and I loved it ! .This book came with a letter and a bookplate, along with a small box of colouring pencils.

Along with all these beautiful objects, we find a small badge with the words Chapter Raptor on it and a lizard reading, and a small card for all the Rainbow Rowell lovers out there.

Next month's theme will be Darkness !

Have any of you gotten this month's beautiful Owl Crate? It is definitely been my favourite out of the boxes that I have gotten, and I want to know what you thought about all the wonderful things in this box.

Until next time, lovelies.


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