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Hey !

I have realised that apart from my About Me page, which doesn’t say much, and little facts that I slipped in in posts I haven't actually told you much about me. So, today I have decided to write a A-Z of me, which has been inspired by AnotherRantingReader.

A - Abygayle.
My name.
Fun Fact : As a child, all invitations addressed to me included my name being misspelt, and it didn't matter how many times I told the children in my classes that it is Aby-gay-le they always forgot the second Y. Or, they would write it the common way 'Abigail'.

B- Bibliophile
Oh,books ! What would I do without your wonderful characters and your amazing worlds? Nothing ! I would do nothing and feel empty all the time !

C- Creative Writing
Apart from reading, this is what I love to do the most !
Fun Fact : My first story was about two siblings who murdered their father because he was like a tyrant in their home….and I was 14 when I wrote it.

D- DeadPool
DeadPool, Iron Man, Wolverine..Spider Man…Marvel Superheroes are my life ! I love them ! I love the marvel movies ! Love love LOVE!!! Iron Man and Wolverine are my favourite.

E - England
I love England. Growing up we visited England every 2-3 years to visit family and I just love the country. I love it so much that I have only ever dated English people - just had to get myself an English fella.

F- Food
Food is my one true love. Do not get me started on how much I love food, and if is food that is made of chicken or has chicken in it's recipe then it is my favourite.

G - Goals
My life revolves around goals. I always try to create a list of goals to accomplish throughout the year.

H- HufflePuff
The first time I did a sorting quiz and it sorted me into HufflePuff I laughed because I couldn't see myself as a HufflePuff. But now? Not only do I see it, but I defend my house from muggles who think it is acceptable to laugh at HufflePuff !

I - Introvert
I like to keep to myself, which is why I have a handful of friends and hate interacting with people in real life and on the internet.

J - Job
In 2016 I got my first job asking people questions for surveys. I took this job mainly because no other place where I had applied had gotten back to me so when a classmate asked me if I was looking for a job I jumped at the opportunity. However, I soon realised that this job would be challenging for me since I hate approaching people, but it came naturally to me that I feel like I have grown.

K- Kitty
As in Kitty Cat ! Berlios, my recently clingy cat, has been in my family for around 9 years and she was given to us by our neighbors when they moved to the UK. We were meant to keep her until we found her a new home but we ended up keeping her.

L-Long Distance Relationship
For the past 2 years I have been privileged to be dating an amazing guy from the UK. Although it's hard most of the time, it is the most amazing thing in my life.

M- Malta
Small Island in the Mediterranean , between Africa and Europe, that I call my home country.

N - Niall Horan
Yes, I am talking about that guy from One Direction. Yes, I am a total 1D fan ! Niall Horan is my favourite since he used to feel insecure at the start of the band, so I felt connected to him. 4 years later and I'm still here looking at him with heart eyes.

O- Organisation
What am I without organisation? A mess. I swear I re-organise my room every few days. I love my social media to be organised. Everything..must…be…organised !

P- Peter Pan
Favourite Disney Character and the person who has hurt my heart the most. Was it such a difficult thing to come for me, and to take me to Neverland?!

Q - Quantity.
I have this ideology that if it seems like a waste of money then I won't purchase it. I tend to be minimal in things that I own, and try to use up what I have before buying new stuff. Apart when it comes to eating…I go from minimum to maximum. Haha ! I also have a habit of going through my stuff and filling bags up for Charity.

R-Rainbow Rowell
This is the woman who created Eleanor and Park, which you might have seen my previous posts it is my favourite book. Also , Rainbow Rowell has written Fangirl ,which the most relatable book that I have ever written , and Carry On, which is the first book I have read with a homosexual couple. I must re-read.

S - Stress
My middle name. I will stress about everything, even if I don't need to stress. I mean, what if something goes wrong? What if I have gotten the day wrong, and people said it's today when asked because they wanted to prank me? STRESS!!!

T- Trichotillomania
A horrible thing that I need to overcome before it continues to ruin my life.

U- Unicorns
Yes, they are real. I love these magical creature. I think that they are wonderful.

V- Vampires
Ahh, yes. Ever since I've been a little girl I have fallen in love with a list of vampires. Their immortality is something that attracts me, and I wouldn't mind living forever.

W- Wanderlust
So many places to go, so little money ! One day, I shall go every place that I want to go.

X- Xander
As in Alexander from Buffy. And Alexander is also the full name of Alec from ShadowHunters. My point? These are characters from TV shows, and I love TV shows. In my opinion, having a lazy day must include binge watching TV shows.

Y- Youtuber
Lilly Singh inspires me : her story, her attitude towards life. I wish to be more like her.

Z- Zodiac
Aquarius..the sign of the fish, which Is Ironic since I hate fish. Scaly little things.

Well, this post has taken me a while to write. I couldn’t think of what to write ! Letter Q had me stumped for quite a while but I was determined to write something for every letter.

I hope you liked this post, and I hope you feel like you know me a bit better ! If you are a blogger, or youtuber, and have done this 'tag' then leave your links down below !

Until next time, lovelies.


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