Owl Crate Unboxing : July 2016

Hey !

Last month I was privileged enough to be sent my very first Owl Crate, and after the excitement I felt after getting it,  unboxing it, and discovering this month's theme, my boyfriend decided to order it for me. It's a lucky thing be did because it was so popular that it sold out before I even got the money to order it myself.

This month's theme is Good vs Evil, and what made me super duper excited for this is  the fact that you either get a good or  an evil box. When I found out about this, I didn't mind whether or not I got a good box or an evil box because it was clear to me that both of them would be awesome. I was right. The card that comes along with the contents of the box is really cool, displaying a fight between good and evil. When you flip over the card, it starts of by introducing what box you have.

I am pleased to say that my box was *drum roll* an Evil box ! Muhahaha. So now that I know what side I am on, it's time to look at all the goodies.

We start off with the best thing in this box (for me), the POP figure from Funko. Last month, they were mini figures but this month they are bigger. The Figures that you could find where Characters from Harry Potter, and I found myself a Dementor ! *takes out want to cast Expecto Patronum* Actually, this little guy is so cute compared to the real thing that I think I might spare it from my Unicorn patronus. (I'm guessing it's a Unicorn. I haven't quite successfully performed the Patronus charm properly yet)

Next up is a Death Star necklace from Vector Engraving. This is inspired by Star Wars and in the movies Death Star is a space station, and it can apparently "It is capable of destroying an entire planet with its powerful superlaser." ("Death Star") All the necklaces sold from Vector Engraving are made from Maple Wood so I am going to assume that this necklace is also made from maple wood.

I am so happy to say that I have a new magnetic bookmark to add to the three that I received last month in the Royalty Owl Crate. This month's one is by jane's little things on Etsy. It's hand made to look like the Queen of Hearts on one, and on the other side there is a quote about her from the book Alice in Wonderland.

Fourth goodie in this book is a sticker inspired by the book Illuminae, and it has been hand designed by Drop and Give Me Nerdy. It has the quote "Am I not merciful?" on it and the quote is written in three fonts and has a red gradient.

Now the moment that we have all been waiting for…..THE BOOK. This book is in both good and evil boxes and it Is This Savage Song by Victoria Schwab. I have never heard of this author so I am excited to being exposed to another new author. This book came with a signed book plate, a hand written letter and a cute colouring book, which has black and white book covers from YA books to colour in.

Overall, I am pleased with this box. I mean, it's definitely worth the price that you pay.  Obviously person's who got the Good Box have different goodies so take a look here.

If you would like to buy an Owl Crate you can click here, and don't forget to use the code Welcome15 to save 15% off your first order.

Let me know whether you got this owlcrate and whether you're good or evil. 

Until next time, lovelies.


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