Lush Review : Twilight Bathbomb

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Another bath bomb, another review. This time, it's about the pink beauty Lush like to call Twilight. This bath bomb has  stars shapes on the outside and a moon shape which I think it's quite appropriate for it. It makes it look super pretty...which is why I bought it :D

What Lush says about this bath bomb :
If sleep is evading you, this combination of essential oils will help get you ready for a good night's rest. As Twilight dissolves, it turns from the colour of the setting sun and gets darker, turning your water a shimmering deep purple. The fragrance has been designed to help you sleep: lavender is a soothing, mind-clearing and calming fragrance, used in aromatherapy to treat insomnia and aid restful sleep, while benzoin and tonka call to mind a milky caramel malt drink.

What I say about this bath bomb :

Okay, so something went wrong with this one. It didn't start dissolving when it touched the water, and then it suddenly dissolved half way leaving it to look like a lump of melted ice-cream. Maybe it was because it was my water wasn't hot enough (I got a bit impatient waiting for the water to heat up) but I can still say that it smelled wonderful.
Twilight is pink, so my water turned pink. However, not a pale pink that is the colour of the bath bomb. It was a darker pink. I did a quick review scan and apparently it was meant to turn the water purple...I got a dark pink so I am not that disappointed.

I must admit that I fell asleep in the bath with this bath bomb. I searched the ingredients and it all made sense : It's got lavender oil. If you are stressed out and are in need of a hot relaxing bath then you need Twilight. (This sounded like a T.V commercial in my head.)

3/5 stars BUT I will be repurchasing so that I can use it in hotter water..maybe the effects will be different.

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