Lush Review :Frozen bath bomb

Hey !

I originally got this bath bomb as a Christmas Present for my sister (Guess what her favourite movie is?) She loved watching my intergalactic bath bomb dissolve and leaving the bath a different colour with glitters and a wonderful scent, so she wanted one.

This bath bomb had a strong citrus scent, and by strong I mean really strong. Just smelling it was calming so I imagine that laying in hot water with this bath bomb will be extremely calming ! Now, I am not sure if it was because the bath had less water in it but the bath bomb didn't move around the bath until the very end of its journey. This resulted in only a part of the bath having bubbles, which my sister didn't really enjoy. BUT the bath was a wonderful dark blue with glitters.

I must say that it seemed to be very similar to Intergalactic (blue and glittery), and both have Grapefruit oil in them ! I can't tell what effects this bath bomb had since I am not the one who actually bathed with it, but my sister seemed pleased so that must mean something, right?

5/5 stars from my sister.

Until next time, lovelies.


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