Lush Craze?!

In November 2015 I had the most beautiful in my life : I went to London. Now, many of you may think "What's the big deal? Well to be honest, I am not sure but ever since I was a little girl I have wanted to go to London. It was a life goal. Life Goal = Achieved.

Anyway, I went with my brother , who is a shopaholic, so we ended up on Oxford Street. I'm not a fan of shopping but there was one shop that I did want to go to : Lush.  I am a big fan of Emma Blackery* and she is a big fan of Lush, so she does a Lush Haul every now and then. I had to go into Lush and see what the big deal was.

When I entered the store I swore I was in heaven. The design of it is just absolutely beautiful and it smells amazing. I didn't get much from Lush that day ( I only got the Snow Fairy shower gel and Intergalactic bath bomb) since I was running low on money.

But when I got back to Malta and I got money, I went straight onto the website and ordered a bunch of bath bombs. And I did the same thing the next month, even though I said to myself that £7.95 is too much for postage and packaging.

So because of 15 minutes in a Lush store in London, I get to write blog posts about the different Lush Products that I am liking and disliking.

Some info about Lush :
Lush is a British cosmetics company that launched in 1994, with the aim of helping people feel better about themselves and making others feel good about ourselves.
Fun Fact : When I went to Lush the girl who served me (Rebekah I think her name tag said) asked me if I was buying the products for myself because they encourage that people treat themselves and treating others.
Lush supports charity and they sell charity pots, which all of the earnings from these pots go to charity. Also, they are against animal testing . Lush asks that their black pots are returned to them instead of thrown away so that they can be recycled.   "We would like Lush black pots to have more lives than a cat."
If you order from the Lush website, you will notice that they use minimal packaging. They also don't use plastic bubble wrap to protect your products but small foamy bits that do the job just as well.

Until next time, lovelies.


*If you don't know who Emma Blackery is, she is a British YouTuber.

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