Lilly Singh : My Favourite Youtuber.

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As you may know, Youtuber popularity keep increasing. Youtubers are releasing books, music, beauty products and many other things. But the best thing I have ever gotten from a Youtuber is Inspiration.


Let me tell you.

Meet Lilly Singh, a.k.a iisuperwomanii.
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She is 27. She is Canadian with an Indian background. She has a psychology degree.You may know her or you may not. What is important is that you're going to learn why she's my favourite youtuber. EVER.

  1. She loves Unicorns...and I love Unicorns so she's basically my best friend in my mind.

  1. She makes me laugh...have you ever watched her videos? No? Go watch one and I guarantee you that you will laugh.

  1. She spreads positivity. All my life I have been surrounded my negative vibes and that turned around once I started watching her. She talks about "Unicorn Island" which is a synonym for a happy place (Admit it. It sounds way cooler) and it's basically a place where all your happy things are. Also, she makes inspiring videos that really motivate me.

  • Exhibit A : 5 Minutes of Epic Motivation.

This woman is my inspiration. She is motivated and determined to reach her goal, and does so by making herself feel good rather than making others feel bad that they aren't on her level. She's just SO AMAZING !
If you are procrastinating right now I do suggest watching  5 Minutes of Epic Motivation because if you just focus on what she says it affects you for a few hours.. You might get something done. I believe that hard work is the only way you're going to get what you want in life so go out there and work hard for what you want. Yes, we may all feel like procrastinating sometimes and want to take a day off but if you're getting lazy just think if what you're doing today is helping you be one step closer to your goal. If after 3 days your answer is no then I think you need a prep talk. 
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